Friday, June 28, 2013

New Nike KD VI TV Commercial starring Kevin Durant and George Gervin. VIDEO:

During the live broadcast of the 2013 NBA Draft, Nike launched the new KD VI with a hilarious TV commercial starring Kevin Durant. Durant goes back to his hometown Seat Pleasant, Maryland to join their Seat Pleasant Rec League Shirts and Skins Draft. Great appearances as well by The Iceman George Gervin, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas and SLAM's Lang Whitaker. Also, Durant's chief rival Anton Barrels is a legend!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

NBA Fan Art: LeBron James, Ray Allen and Birdman by AJ Dimarucot.GRAPHICS:

Exquisite NBA Fan Art featuring LeBron James, Ray Allen and The Birdman by famed graphic designer AJ Dimarucot. Follow @ajdimarucot on Twitter and check out MH

A more personal approach to Kevin Durant. PHOTOS:

In Washington, DC this week to visit Kevin Durant's hometown in Maryland. On this two-day journey, we look forward to visiting some very personal spots for KD: places of his youth, the gym where you used to play in and more. The journey back in time starts tomorrow. Thanks for the invitation KD. MH

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Three awesome photos of June Mar Fajardo on Instagram. PHOTOS:

Can't decide which of the three is the best. June Mar as the Statue of Liberty. June Mar with his new mohawk. Or June Mar on the biggest skateboard ever made. Nikko Ramos of SLAM PH was right: June Mar is an Instagram Superstar. Guys, Krakengram is a must-follow. MH

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nike LeBron James "Leave A Message" Championship TV Commercial. VIDEO:

Watch the new Nike TV ad featuring LeBron James' answering machine. Famous callers like film director and die-hard Knicks fan Spike Lee, business magnate Warren Buffet, Nike co-founder Phil Knight, Duke's Coach K, Dr Dre, Drake and NBA legend Bill Russell all leave congratulatory messages for the NBA champion:

And while we're on the subject of answering machines, it would've been awesome, I think, if LeBron's personal message for callers sounded like this:

Friday, June 21, 2013

What's up bro? Steph Curry fan is lost in Game 7. PHOTO:

You must have spotted this guy -- there he is, standing out in a sea of white. He's rocking a Steph Curry  jersey, right smack in the middle of Game 7, in Miami, between the Spurs and the Heat. Best part of it all: he appears to be screaming at Pop. Amazing. Even Steph Curry and LA Tenorio can't help but be amazed.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Feature Segment on Gilas in Lithuania by BasketNewsLt. VIDEO:

You may have seen videographers in some of the Gilas Instagram photos from Lithuania. Well, now we know what they've been working on. They followed Gilas during their Training Camp in Lithuania to produce a six-minute feature for Lithuania's popular basketball website

In the feature, Gilas Head Coach Chot Reyes said, "It was a good decision for us to go to Palanga because in this place we could concentrate on just basketball." You'll also see some game highlights, dunks by Marcus Douthit, strength and conditioning sessions and team building activities in the video:

NBC6 TV News Interviews of "unfaithful" Heat Fans who left Game 6 early. VIDEO:

Miami NBC6 News Reporter Betty Yu interviewed the now-famous fans who left Game 6 of the NBA Finals early. The fans, described by Yu as "unfaithful Miami Heat fans", were so convinced Miami lost the game, they were shaking their heads as they walked out of the arena. One Heat fan declared, "It wasn't our year." Then, overtime happened. Then, one of the best Finals games ever happened. Then, oh-crap-we're-not-allowed-to-go-back-inside-the-arena happened. Watch:

View more videos at:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LeBron James. No Headband. No Problem. PHOTO:

For LeBron James, apparently, No Headband, No Problem. After losing his headband during Game 6 of the NBA Finals, he went on a tear. I understand why critics will point out some turnovers and some moments of hesitation during crucial moments. But I also understand the relevance of a triple-double in a must-win game - 32 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. Onwards to Game 7, with or without the headband. MH

Mike Miller has One Shoe, makes Three Points! VIDEO:

Why was Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals a classic? Aside from going into overtime and featuring a number of future Hall-of-Famers, it also featured Mike Miller losing his shoe and still hitting a three. One shoe. Three points. Yessir:

Here's the fun part. It's not the first time that Miller lost his shoe in a game. Either he thinks losing his shoe is a good luck charm or someone needs to teach him to tie his shoelaces better. Watch:

Kawhi Leonard dunks on Mike Miller in Game 6. VIDEO:

Kawhi Leonard's primary task in the NBA Finals is to defend LeBron James. Kawhi's secondary job is to destroy Mike Miller on the fastbreak. WATCH:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Get your authentic team gear at 1United - The Team Store. PHOTOS:

Need authentic customized jerseys and gear for your basketball team? Check out The 1United Team Store at the La Fuerza I Complex, Don Chino Roces Avenue (Formerly Pasong Tamo), Makati City. You can email uniform/gear queries through or visit their website or follow @1UnitedPH on Twitter and Instagram. MH

Gregg Popovich: This game is a big boy game. VIDEO:

San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich and the microphone is a magical combination during the playoffs. During Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Pop reminded his players that, "This game is a big boy game." It will surely become one of the most memorable sound bites of the series.

As it turns out, Game 5 wasn't the first time Pop unleashed the "big boy game" speech. He also used it during a timeout last year. Will he use it again in Game 6? 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gilas Training Camp in Lithuania. Gary David becomes a Backstreet Boy, June Mar Fajardo goes planking and Beau Belga is looking for rice. PHOTOS:

If part of the objective of the Gilas Training Camp in Lithuania is to foster genuine camaraderie among players who normally play for different PBA teams, judging from the Instagram photos they've been posting, then the plan seems to be working.

In this super set of Gilas photos from our Gilas Instagrammers, Gary David dresses up like a Backstreet Boy, June Mar Fajardo is determined to revive planking (isn't there an anti-planking law already?) and Beau Belga, of course, is looking for rice: