Friday, April 29, 2011

TNT wants to finish Game 2 in less than 60 minutes.

Talk N' Text needs no decoy. They require no camouflage. Their modus operandi is plain to see: We run. Go ahead and see if you can run with us. Ginebra shouldn't be interested in converting this series into a 100-meter dash. Not with Brumfield. Not with Menk. Not with Yancy. Not with Mamaril. I'm, therefore, eager to see how Ginebra plans to slow-down TNT tonight.

Speed causes byahilo for teams not built to play bilisan-natin-dahil-hahabol-pa-ako-sa-last-full-show-ng-Thor-mamaya pace. Think about it; Game 1 was already over midway through the fourth quarter. Ginebra can go 100-kph in spurts (remember the 3rd period of Game 4 vs Gilas?). But TNT's plan is to finish a whole marathon like it's just a 400-meter race to the championship. Gone in 60 seconds. MH

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ronald Tubid wins with edge in experience and ink.

Gilas players have always been wary of Ronald Tubid. Maybe it's because of his ability to defend imports and locals. Maybe it's his streaky ability to shoot 6 three-pointers like he did in Game 4. Or maybe it's the volume of ink he has on his body; Tubid, I believe, has more tattoos than the entire Gilas roster combined (players, coaches, executives). His newest tats -- ambigram designs on both forearms. "FEARLESS" on the right, a tribute to his PBA persona. "QUEEN" on the left, a tribute to the only person Tubid fears on this planet -- his one and only. MH

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be scared of JV Casio, even if he looks like this...

Smart Gilas point guard JV Casio is such a joker. But after JV fired 30 points (7/9 3pts) in a must-win Game 3, no one from Ginebra is laughing. MH

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gilas needs more muscle to win Game 3

During a photoshoot for a new magazine, Chris Tiu joked that they didn't have enough muscles for the photo-spread. Prophetic? But these guys are used to playing bigger, more physical players from international teams. Will the bullying stop in Game 3? Will Gilas push Ginebra's veterans back and extend the Semis to Game 4? Will Marcio Lassiter show up in time to help Gilas in a must-win game? Will Mac Baracael play with "angas" again? -- after all, Gilas teammates call him "Tubid No. 2". MH

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Most Lopsided Trade of the Year?

During Alaska's practice, Alaska import LD Williams saw something he really liked. I mean, really liked. LD spotted a striped, snap-back Alaska cap. Not the fitted ones cool kids wear nowadays. This was strictly old-school. And, naturally, it was on Mang Tom's head.

So LD quickly asked Mang Tom what Alaska's long-time team statistician wanted in exchange for the cap. Mang Tom said, "Let's trade. Give me shoes." They shook hands. Deal done. LD got his sick Alaska cap. Mang Tom will get LD's Nike Zoom KDIII All-Star's at the end of the tournament.

Check out the West-Conference-red KDIII All-Star here:

Fair trade? Should Commissioner Salud approve this? What do you think? The shoes are fairly new, inspired by Kevin Durant. The cap is undeniably old. Mang Tom proudly says it's a relic, "Panahon pa ni Sean Chambers yan." MH

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aqua-colored Sneakers a Dutiful Man has to wear

Guys, kaya niyo ba magsuot ng aqua-colored sneakers??? I believe the technical term for this color is "teal". San Miguel Assistant Coach and PBA D-League TV Analyst Peter Martin believes he can. As in naniniwala siya kayang-kaya niya "dalhin". What do you think? Note: Never niya bibilin 'to for himself. It was a gift from his wife. Wearing this, therefore, is not a matter of taste. It's a matter of sworn duty. MH

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Butler Bandwagon

Many March Madness fans, like Talk 'N Text and Ateneo Assistant Coach Jamike Jarin, are already hopping on the Butler bandwagon. What about you?

Catch the US NCAA Final between Butler (Underdog!) and UConn (Kemba Walker!) tomorrow (Tuesday) 9:00am on BTV. Replay at 8:00pm. MH