Saturday, June 30, 2012

For Alex Cabagnot, Crunchman Chicharon is Love.

Last night, I posted a tweet saying the sales of Crunchman Chicharon will surely skyrocket after Alex Cabagnot's game-winner over Air21. It's the perfect product-endorser match. The king of chicharon for the king of crunch-time. Pero 'wag muna kayo mag-order. This product is still in the imagination phase haha. Cabagnot's crunch-time powers, however, are real. Very real. MH

Cabagnot is clutch. We know. by Nikko Ramos

By Nikko Ramos
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Posted on Instagram by Tyler899

Alex Cabagnot saved the day for Petron. Again. In a game where nothing was going their way, Alex came to the rescue. Dondon Hontiveros still could not find his shot. Arwind Santos missed two gimmes in a row and wound up a bloody mess. An injured Eddie Basden managed just 7 points. Air 21’s Zach Graham, on the other hand, was insane with those 3s and finished with 40 points. How bad was this for Petron? Even Jojo Lastimosa, on the AKTV broadcast panel, kept calling them “San Miguel.”

But all was redeemed.

In Alex they trust.

And Alex saves.

Cabaggie, after all, is clutch.

You listen to Drake? Apparently, Cabagnot does. Kanto pundits around the country were talking about how he lost a step. They questioned his playmaking. They asked for JVee in a straight-up trade. Cabagnot played Headlines and tuned them out.

                  “I had someone tell me I fell off, ooh I needed that
                  And they wanna see me pick back up, well where'd I leave it at”

Down one and struggling in a must-win game? Cabagnot stepped up, turned up the volume and took the shot everyone on a talent-laden team wants. Why? Because he believes it’s his shot to make or miss. No questions asked. Why? Because he’s ready to make them. Because he’s not afraid to miss them.

                  “I might be too strung out on compliments
                  Overdose on confidence
                  Started not to give a f*ck and stopped fearing the consequence”

The last play is drawn up for Chris Lutz? The lone bright spot in Petron’s spotty fourth quarter? The most aggressive and effective slasher in the ball game? Screw that. Cabagnot turned off everyone’s iPods and put his music on blast.

“Sorry Chris, rookie ka pa lang” Cabagnot says.

“Okay Kuya” Lutz answers.

You may ask why Lutz, a rookie with the swagger and arrogance of a potential hall-of-famer would let that happen. Why Arwind Santos and Jay Washington, two players robbed of MVP trophies in the past would pass up the highlight. Why Ato Agustin, a tough-as-nails coach, would let a play he drew up be so blatantly scrapped.

It’s not only because of Cabagnot’s collection of last-second heroics. It’s because of his hunger for more. And quite simply, even if there was enough time to pass the leather around, it would still end up with Alex. Petron knows it’s best to put it in Cabagnot’s hands.


Because they know.

    “Those my brothers, I ain't even gotta say it
                  That's just something they know

                  They know, they know, they know
                  They know, they know, they know
                  They know, they know, they know
                  Yeah they know yeah
                  That the real is on the rise
                  F*ck them other guys
                  I even gave them a chance to decide
                  Now it's something they know
                  They know, they know, they know”

Petron knows what, you ask? Well I don’t know, really. And neither do the Petron players. No one does. But we know. When games are on the line, no one knows it better than Alex Cabagnot. NR

Friday, June 29, 2012

NBA top pick Anthony Davis is the New Unibrow. Meet the Original Unibrow:

Fear The Brow. Brow Down. Brow Wow Wow. Yeah the Brow-isms are all headed to the NBA. The Hornets selected Anthony Davis and his Unibrow as first overall picks in the 2012 NBA Draft this morning.

SLAM Philippines 160 available in National Bookstore, Fully Booked and select 7-11 stores.

So welcome to the NBA new Unibrow!

As for the original Unibrow, Don't worry. He'll still be a Unibrow Legend:


Bow the Brow bro. Bow to the brow. MH

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Powerade follows Rain or Shine's winning formula: Make your Import eat BALUT!

After Rain or Shine rocketed to a 7-1 record last Saturday, they made their import Jamelle Cornley eat BALUT in Dumaguete. And he loved it.

Watch this TwitVid by Magoo Marjon.

The whole scene was likewise documented by Ryan Arana in this TwitPic:

I suspect Jamelle's been eating balut -- the magical egg of victory -- since day one of the Gov Cup.

Meantime, Powerade (4-4) is preparing for a slugfest against B-MEG (5-3) on Saturday in Legazpi City. The Tigers need to stop their dangerous losing skid. They need to get back to playing high-scoring Powerade basketball. They need to do something drastic.

You know what Powerade did after a recent practice?

Posted by @SeanAnthony10 on Twitter

Yup. They tried to make their import Omar Sneed eat...BALUT!

Si MVP candidate El Granada pa ang nagbabalat nung Balut para sa kanya. Wow.

Cornley eats Balut. Sneed is being asked to eat Balut. Coincidence?

Secret's out. Balut is no longer Fear Factor's Egg of Darkness. Rain or Shine already knows. Powerade is about to find out. The Balut is now the PBA's Magical Egg of Victory! MH

Before NBA2K12, there was ATARI 1-on-1 Basketball. Happy 40th Bday ATARI!

Happy 40th Birthday to ATARI.

Long before many of us were born, long before Nintendo launched the legendary Family Computer, long before the birth of the PS3, there was ATARI. I remember playing PacMan, Space Invaders and Asteroids on my cousin's Atari console back in the 80s. And at the time, it was mind-blowingly advanced.
And if you ever wondered how 8-bit hoops looked like back in the day, wonder no more. Presenting old-skool Atari One-on-One Basketball. Sige na, admit it, it's still dope:

San Beda Super 6. Not just a number. by Jutt Sulit.

By Jutt Sulit 
Follow @juttsulit on Twitter

Winning is everything. We hear players throw this around all the time. But whether they mean it or not, winning feels good. It feels really, really good.

This leads us to a common question. What does it take to win in basketball? It’s a fair query. All players (at least, I’d like to assume) have pondered upon what they have to do to win games. That’s the first step – knowing what it takes. However, I think the better question is: what does it take to not lose?

To win basketball games, it has to start from hating to lose. It must feel disgusting to lose. This feeling creates a drive to overcome defeat. It generates an urgency to win. And that’s what we saw from San Beda against Arellano.

After the infamous brawl between the San Sebastian Volleyball Team and the San Beda Basketball Team, more than half of the Red Lions were suspended for the first game of the new season. They ended up having only six players for their NCAA88 opener against the Chiefs. Thus, the group was labeled the “Super Six”.

It was a crazy game. Arellano had a hot start. But in basketball, the start of games seldom defines the outcome. As hard as it is to say, the best example would probably be the Lakers. In fact, they deserve recognition. I believe the Lakers own the NBA record for “Losing the Most Number of Games Despite Leading by Halftime”.

San Beda won over Arellano with neither talent nor skill. Heart did. That’s the only thing that could’ve. When you play with six players, you’re not supposed to win. You’re supposed to be crushed, demolished. But the Super Six found a way. They just would not accept defeat.

Three of the Super Six are fresh from high school. Two are transferees. The other just got called up again from Team B. None of the veterans were on this squad of six. None of their usual go-to guys were there. During the game, one of the six Red Lions even fouled out.

The Chiefs played hard. It was obvious that they wanted to win too. However, six Red Lions simply refused to lose. That made all the difference.

San Beda Head Coach Ronnie Magsanoc said it himself, “It was all heart.”

It all starts in the gym. That’s what they usually say about winning – that it starts in practice. But heart isn’t something you can practice. It’s innate. It’s usually hard to differentiate “wanting to win” from “refusing to lose”. It’s even more difficult to compare the efforts of two teams that played hard. But when a commando unit of six players defeats a more experienced opponent, it becomes a little easier to tell. JS

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The secret of Rain or Shine's 7-1 record: BALUUUUUUT.

Secret's out.

No wonder Rain or Shine has been near unbeatable in the PBA Governors' Cup. They all eat BALUT!!! Balut, of course, is a source of protein and other superpowers. These ROS men are so into Balut, they even have BALUT Showdowns like this recent one between Gabe Norwood and Jamelle Cornley:

Posted by @ryanarana on Twitter.

Now, if your import is into eating Fear Factor's favorite duck egg delicacy -- calls it "The Egg of Darkness" -- and loves it, Man, beating the competition will be...sisiw! MH

1-7 record? This Alaska #PBAFanArtist doesn't care!

Gotta love PBA fans who cheer for their teams in good times and really bad ones. 1-7 record? #PBAFanArtist @swooshkidjm says so what?! Any time is a good time to tweet simple yet solid memes of LA Tenorio and Skyrus Baguio.

This...(dramatic pause) PBA Love. MH

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The LeBron 9 now reminds me of... For Love Of The Game

Maybe it's the NBA Championship Ring Effect.

I always thought the LeBron 9 was a gorgeous shoe. I mean, technically, it's absolutely stunning. But since I wasn't a LeBron fan the way I am a Magic Johnson fan, it just didn't carry enough personal emotional value.

But now that LeBron finally has his ring, I'm beginning to look at this shoe a whole lot differently.

You know that girl in college who's pretty and all but for some reason you just didn't find her attractive. Then you all part ways for the summer vacation. She comes back for the new school year looking different. Maybe she started doing yoga during the summer break. Maybe she welcomed the semester with a new haircut. Maybe she's smiling more often. Basta she returned to school with a whole new vibe.

You know you won't look at her the same way again.

That's how I feel right now about the LeBron 9. And one of the most unreasonably committed Kobe fans I know, Magoo Marjon, is starting to feel that way too. It's okay Magoo. Your Kobe VIIs will understand. You won't be cheating on them. Kung gusto mo, sabay pa tayo bumili para hindi ka ma-overwhelm.

LeBron. Finally a champion. What have you done? MH

Sunday, June 24, 2012

All Denok Miranda can say is...!!!

The one-word sentence used to be my favorite. It's short. It's clear. It's so straight to the point.

But Petron's Denok Miranda created something better.

After Rain or Shine went Street Fighter Shoryuken on Petron in Dumaguete last night, Denok sent out one of the best bad-trip-talo-kami-post-game-tweets of the season:

No words were needed.

Just three exclamation points.



Straight to the point.

Denok-Twitter-Style. MH

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby's first words: GI, NE, BRA.

Dope. All dope. PBA fans share the best photos, memes, GIFs, posters, thumbnails and every other wondrous thing cameras and photoshop can create. I see them everyday on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Tumblr.

Exhibit A. Days ago, I saw this photo on Facebook shared by Ginebra fan Jonell Isidro:

It's never too early to start them early. 

See, #PBAFanArt...the best! MH

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ogie Menor prevented a full-scale riot by

Ogie Menor News Alert:

During the Meralco vs Air21 game last night, Air21's Ogie Menor was ejected for whacking Meralco import Mario West from behind. A Blindside Transition Defense Karate Chop. Flagrant Foul Penalty 2. Menor did it again. Although, replays showed that the foul wasn't pure thuggery. Well at least, it wasn't as bad as previous flagrant fouls we've seen. But it was a hard foul nonetheless.

Immediately after the final buzzer, West rushed off the court and searched for the Air21 dugout. Presumably, he was looking for Menor. Question: Makikilala ba ni West si Menor if he saw him? 

Naturally, Meralco and Air21 players scampered to avert a post-game disaster. Cramped doorway. Huge players. Tambakan game. This could've gotten ugly. Air21 players kept West from entering their locker room. Meralco players, on the other hand, succeeded in dragging West away from Air21 territory. We were all relieved.

During a live phone-patch interview on AKTV Center last night, West said that he was simply looking for Menor to shake his hand and say everything was cool. He insisted that it was all blown out of proportion. I saw how West sprinted off the court right after the final buzzer. All I can say is: I have never seen anyone that excited to shake a rugged opponent's hand. 

We likewise interviewed Menor on AKTV Center to get his side. Apparently, Menor wasn't even in the locker room. He left their dugout minutes before to get coffee. Buti na lang. As soon as he saw West charging to the Air21 dugout, Menor wisely -- or wais-ly -- drifted away from the scene. 

Normally, bad timing si Menor when giving up hard fouls. But last night, when a post-game-royal-rumble could have easily erupted, Menor played it perfectly. Perfect coffee. Perfect timing. MH

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Petron's Rob Reyes is going Cray Cray over...Cray Cray.

Petron's Rob Reyes is asking you: STOP USING THE TERM "CRAY CRAY". In fact, Rob posted his urgent plea on Twitter last week: defines "Cray Cray" as craziness on a whole other level. For example: This game is Cray! World's gone Cray! It's not just Dope. It's Cray. 

Therefore, Rob is going Cray Cray over the use of "Cray Cray".

To help Rob's Stop Cray Cray Movement, I'm posting this on Instagram today:

Yes, that really is Rob Reyes doing the Face Palm.

Rob, you have my support. MH

Monday, June 18, 2012

Paul Lee is propelled by pain. by Martin Sarmenta.

By Martin Sarmenta

Yeng Guiao was smiling when he entered the PBA Press Room for his post-game interview. Yes, the fire-and-brimstone coach was smiling. The reason: his Rain or Shine Elasto Painters had just dispatched of its latest opponent, in a fashion that spoke of its newfound maturity.

Paul Lee’s crucial free throws and the victory they assured forced his coach’s lips into a smile. A few nights before, he hit a game-winning triple against no less than crowd-favourite Barangay Ginebra.

Not that his arsenal of skills comes as a shock. His offense is armed to the teeth: he can nail the jumper, beat you off the dribble (he idolizes Iverson and Kobe), and slash to the basket. He was always a time bomb that could go off at any minute, forcing the teams to guard him until the final buzzer.

Paul Lee did not win a UAAP championship, probably owing to the mysterious “Red Curse”. UE has fielded excellent squads in the last decade, but has always fallen short of winning it all.

Somehow, though, UE players blossom in the PBA. They seem to come in battle-tested, especially when compared against other rookies. Tubid, Yap, and Canaleta come to mind.

That’s why the “Red Curse” is so puzzling: many claim it’s unexplainable how so many talented players can not win a championship – but they play so well in the PBA.

Lee was drafted second to Casio in the recent PBA draft. Many thought Lee would actually go first, but Casio, along with other Gilas mainstays suddenly crashed the draft party. However, pending the end of the world or a colossal Casio feat, it seems that Lee will win Rookie of the Year.  He becomes an even stronger ROY candidate if the Elasto Painters continue their stellar run in the Governors’ Cup.

True, Rain-or-Shine fell short the last time they reached the semis after leading the eliminations, but the heartbreak seems to be motivating them.

All Paul Lee needs now is a bigger stage. Seriously, he can shine as brilliantly as Caguioa and David or even fellow UE alumni Yap and Tubid.

Because as long as Lee continues to draw from whatever it is he’s drawing from, we’ll be seeing a lot more smiles from coach Yeng Guiao. Is Guiao smiling because he knows something we don’t?

Paul Lee reminds me of the Oklahoma Thunder. People keep talking about their supposed immaturity and lack of experience.

What many don’t realize, and what many underestimate, is how experience doesn’t always come from winning. Experience, the kind that drives Paul Lee to perform with such ferocity, can also come from memories that place chips on our shoulders. Paul Lee knows: the scar of heartbreak can actually be a better teacher than the adulation that comes with a championship. MS

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Alaska is stuck. I know the feeling. By Chuck Araneta.

By Chuck Araneta (@chuck_araneta)

When a team loses 5 straight and is pretty much eliminated, even if not yet mathematically, from advancing to the next round, it’s very easy to cast blame on a number of factors like players, the import, coaches and management.
When your favorite team keeps on losing, when a season is almost done this early on in the conference, it’s painful to even write about it. I’m trying not to smash my laptop at this moment.

The Aces are staring at a 1-5 record, dead last. Is it even about the players on the court? Because this is still a solid foundation for a team that still has a top-5 Point guard in LA Tenorio and center in Sonny Thoss. The players, to a casual fan’s eye, are still solid.

So what has made this a most frustrating season for Aces fans?

Being an Alaska fan right now is like wandering into the world of M. Night Shyamalan’s flick “The Village.” What made that movie memorable was (spoiler alert) the realization that all the leaders in their village conspired to make sure that they would adapt the same set of rules, regulations, leaders, and key figures. It didn’t matter that time moves forward. They chose to stay in their own vacuum, because they wanted things to stay exactly the same. While the outside world was changing, they chose to turn their back on it.

Sound familiar?

Alaska is stuck right now in its own little world. In a league where even the non-SMC and MVP teams are looking to improve and make bold moves, Alaska is content to merely tweak their rosters with replaceable players.

Powerade shot for the stars and took a flyer on Rabeh Al-Hussaini. The Aces went and got Gabby Espinas.

Air 21 went the unconventional route and hired Franz Pumaren, a move that admittedly hasn’t paid off, yet is still an example of thinking out of the box. Alaska hired Luigi Trillo.

Rain or Shine has given the keys of the offense to Paul Lee, their explosive rookie point guard. The Aces decided to go back to the triangle offense.

In a league constantly evolving, Alaska keeps trying to right their sinking ship. It’s not even just about casting blame on the coach, or the players. If the Aces went to regroup and bounce back, they have to change the way they look at their franchise. What they need: a sort of paradigm shift by decision-makers, the players, the coaches, and everyone who has a stake in the Alaska Aces.

Only then will fans truly believe that the Alaska Corporation is truly committed to the Aces, a revered, beloved brand -- the conscience of the PBA.

Only then will we be able to escape time frozen in eternity.

C’mon Alaska…

Take risks.

Well, you did take a huge risk with Coach Luigi.

Take more risks then.

Carpe diem the hell out of every moment.

Just do something. CA

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dorian Peña wants to be a Movie Giant.

I guess it makes sense. A week ago, Dorian Peña (@4TheRealDawg) announced on Twitter that he wants to do a Benjie Paras or be the next Bonel Balingit. Big D on the Big Screen. Why not???

I'm not sure if Dorian can dance on TV. But I'm not questioning his dancing skills. I'm just not sure if TV is ready for a Dancing Giant. Or maybe the #AKTVCenter can prove otherwise. Hmmm.

But yes, we totally support Dorian's dream. Dear Regal Films, GMA Films, Viva Films, Star Cinema, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, DreamWorks etc, c'mon, give him a chance. Let's make this happen!

In the meantime, if Dorian is searching for a Gentle Giant peg, how about this:

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Gaconatics Meme goes nationwide.

The "Gaconatics Unite" meme started on this blog (with a special shout/out to the AKTV Shutterbugs).

A meme is defined as an image or video passed electronically from one internet user to another.

So the "Gaconatics Unite" meme went from here...


to here...

From a blog in a tarp in Davao.

PBA fans (dramatic pause) are the best. MH

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teammates say Beau Belga is...Air Jollibee.

No team beats Rain or Shine in pre-game or post-game alaskahan.

After teammates witnessed (cue Marv Albert voice) a spek-ta-koolar spin move by Beau Belga - a big shot that helped Rain or Shine beat title-contenders BMEG last May 25 - they knew exactly what to tweet the day after. In other words, Alam Na!

This Twitter exchanged really happened.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Phenom can dunk and dance and sing. By Corrine Javier.

By Corinne Javier (@crinnne)

Young boys aspire to be like Kiefer Ravena. Grown men wish they could play like Kiefer Ravena.  Young girls wish they were with someone like Kiefer Ravena. Because basketball is Kiefer Ravena’s life. But what if, in some cracked-upside-down universe, it wasn’t?

Imagine the Ateneo Blue Eagles without a Ravena. If things turned out differently and Kiefer’s life wasn’t in the shape of a Nike basketball, chances are, the hip-hop federation of the Philippines would have been thankful.

“Feeling ko talaga, pag hindi ako naging basketball player, CADs  (Company of Ateneo Dancers) ako,” Kiefer shared. “Totoo! Mag-ta-try-out talaga ako sa ganun!

Kiefer’s talent for dance has been applauded and recognized. The “Dougie” breakout he showcased during the “Fastbreak” charity fundraiser was a glimpse of what this die-hard and crazed Chris Brown fan can do. He learned all the moves on his own. He never had the chance to have formal training, but when you’re talented enough to pick up steps with a snap of a finger, classes become optional.

“Natural eh. Basta malambot katawan mo, it’s easy,” Kiefer added. “Tapos, I get to pick up steps easily.”

But dancing isn’t just about being a follower. You need to take the lead. You ought to rely on your own creativity to come up with some mad dance moves to wow the audience.

It’s pretty similar to basketball. Having that one signature move won’t save your ass every time. You need that spark of ingenuity to beat your opponents and leave the fans wanting more. You got to have your own style and be your own self. No copycats allowed.

He suddenly flashed a smile. 

I knew there had to be more.

Kiefer blurted out, “I took voice lessons.”

I froze.

“I’m not kidding,” Kiefer assured. “When I was young. As in, voice lessons! As in, pinupuntahan kami sa bahay. Dalawa kami, kapit-bahay ko yung isa. Na-enroll kami ng parents namin.”

The voice lessons were fun. It kept him occupied. But just like any other kid forced to do something by his parents, he quickly grew tired of it. Kiefer threw in the towel after only two sessions. Even the Phenom gives up.

To help me grasp the concept of Kiefer The Singer, I asked for audible proof. He hummed the tune of some old Savage Garden song. I know what I heard. He wasn’t some opera singer who could belch out a high note. Yet I heard enough to say that he has talent.

With that newfound knowledge, that The Phenom can dunk and dance and sing, those who already believe in a young man’s abilities will believe in him even more. Those who refuse to believe in that young man’s capabilities, on the other hand, will expectedly believe in him even less.

I was stunned. It felt like watching Kiefer Ravena finish another impossible lay-up.

Kiefer saw my disbelief. He smiled and said, “You never knew that?” CJ

#FafaRey Guevarra with the #FafaDunk.

Denok Miranda calls former Petron teammate Rey Guevarra #FafaRey. So when Powerade faced Alaska last Friday, #FafaRey slid past defender BonBon Custodio and gave Alaska import Jason Forte a front row seat to see Guevarra's thunder dunk. Nasty.

Sorry Jason Forte, you weren't Posterized by #FafaRey. You were YouTubed and Twittered by the #FafaDunk. MH

Friday, June 1, 2012

The BMEG Planetnatics.

BMEG fans have been requesting to have their twitter fan accounts published. Well, here they are. I hope I spelled the group names correctly.

Yes, yes, I admit; the last two groups - @lightningyancy95 & @akunaks - are not real. At least not yet.

I just hope hindi sila maunahan ng... @chardnatics. MH