Thursday, April 25, 2013

Documentary on former Purefoods import Lenny Cooke. VIDEO:

Maybe you remember former Purefoods import Lenny Cooke. Maybe you don't. Maybe you recall how he ruptured his achilles tendon in the PBA. Maybe you don't. But in all likelihood, you're familiar with the sports tale of soaring dreams plummeting into the abyss of disappointment. How does one go from being peers with fellow high-school sensations LeBron, Carmelo, Amar'e to being a classic cautionary tale? Check out the trailer for the new documentary "Lenny Cooke" -- an official selection for the ongoing Tribeca Film Festival:

You'll even hear Coach Norman Black in one of the highlights. Norman says, "If he could do everything, he'll probably be in the NBA right now." To know more about Lenny Cooke, check out these articles: Cooke's story of lost potential, sad but not tragic. By Jeff Goodman. and Star-to-be who never was. By Harvey Araton. MH

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#OurHoops - Starting the day with basketball in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. PHOTO:

Thanks to @iam_MRT for sharing this. Hoopheads in Sta. Maria, Bulacan play here as soon as the sun rises. Also, there's something nice about playing ball on a court that features so many trees in the background. Very Field of Dreams-like. This is where they hoop. Where do you hoop? MH

PBA Fan Art - All-Ginebra Edition. GRAPHICS:

Ginebra fans celebrate their team's back-to-back upset victories over ROS with PBA Fan Art:

Monday, April 22, 2013

ROS fan has tattoos to prove his loyalty to ROS. Iba 'to. PHOTOS:

ROS swingman Ryan Araña posted this photo on his Instagram account this morning. Wow. Yan ang fan! Ibang klase. I just hope hindi ma-trade si Paul Lee, Ronnie Matias, Ryan Araña and Jeff Chan. Hindi na yata pwede i-cut-and-paste yan diba? But again, what a way to show your love for the team and love for the game! MH

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spotted two interesting Ginebra fans in the MOA Arena. PHOTOS:

During Ginebra's last game in the MOA Arena, I saw a guy who wore a suit jacket over a Mark Caguioa jersey. Remember the guy who was really, really, really enjoying his bowl of Ulalam during the Ulalam segment - yeah, that was him. Intense.

Also, we spotted a fan who used her tablet to show her devotion to Ginebra. Saw her with a MC47 message and this Never Say Die message. We see more and more fans doing this during basketball and volleyball games. High-tech iPad fanaticism, galing!

OurHoops - Basketball vs Homesickness in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. PHOTO:

Shared by @mark_venggara on Twitter. Mark, who is also an old-school Purefoods fanatic in the PBA, says they play hoops here to battle homesickness in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. This is where they hoop. Where do you hoop? MH

Friday, April 19, 2013

Official NBA Playoffs on TNT Music Video by Rihanna feat. David Guetta. VIDEO:

It has become an NBA Playoffs tradition for NBA on TNT to have an official music video. I'm probably not the only one who looks forward to this. For the 2013 NBA Playoffs on TNT coverage, their official music video "Right Now" features Rihanna and David Guetta:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is that Steve Nash or Harvey Specter? PHOTO:

Steve Nash or Harvey Specter?

PBA Fan Art - Monster Bowles, Rob Labagala, Josh Urbiztondo, PJ Simon, Mang Tom and More! GRAPHICS:

Enjoy our latest gallery -- PBA Fan Art!

Dear PBA Fan Artists, may I request that you watermark your incredible creations with either your Twitter name, E-Mail Address or Facebook Name so fans can express their appreciation for the awesome work that you guys do. Thanks for sharing your always amazing work PBA Fan Artists! MH

More and more fans rocking Chard Knows Free Throws shirts. PHOTOS.

We're seeing more and more fans wearing Chard Knows Free Throws shirts. At the games. In the gym. On the beach. In the mall. They Know. Because Chard Knows. To order your own Chard Knows Free Throws shirt - Go to MH

Monday, April 15, 2013

Kid in Staples is a fan of both Kobe Bryant AND Steph Curry. PHOTO:

You must have seen this kid who was shown on a cut-away after Kobe Bryant hit a floater against the Warriors. He's holding a huge MAM-BAA sign while wearing a Stephen Curry jersey. Chances are, he's hoping Mamba recovers from a torn achilles as soon as possible and he's wishing for Curry to average 45 points in the playoffs. I'm just thinking: when he watches the next Warriors game, will we see him wearing a Kobe jersey and holding up a CUR-RYY sign? MH

Friday, April 12, 2013

Richard Del Rosario changed free-throw shooting rules in the UAAP. PHOTO:

DID YOU KNOW: Sa sobrang galing ni Richard Del Rosario mag-free-throw, the UAAP Board allowed opposing teams to triple-team him on the free-throw line. That special rule was only applied to Richard and no one else. Hence, it was dubbed the Richard Del Rosario Rule. But after seeing how the rule had no effect whatsoever on his career 110% free-throw percentage in La Salle, the UAAP Board abolished the controversial Richard Del Rosario Rule a year later. Learn from the Master. Go to MH

Bb. Pilipinas Candidate loves her Kobe VII Poison Dart Frog. KICKS.

I wonder if Cassandra Naidas is the only Binibining Pilipinas candidate who's into basketball sneakers. I'm certain, however, that she's the only one with an impressive basketball resume. Cassy was selected to participate in the National Basketball Training Center and the GirlsGotGame Basketball Camp when she was in high school. She almost played for La Salle in the UAAP but decided to pursue other activities in college. 

When I interviewed Cassy for this article on GMA News Online, I asked her about basketball sneakers. Although she wears high-heels nearly everyday because of the pageant, she still loves her kicks. Whenever she plays weekend pickup games or goes to the gym, her go-to-shoe is the Kobe VII Poison Dart Frog.

As soon as Cassy, a die-hard Laker fan, completes her participation in the Binibining Pilipinas, she says she'll look for two (2) more Kobe sneakers: the Kobe VII Cheetah Christmas and the Kobe VI Think Pink.

So guys, forget trying to get her chocolates or flowers. Cassy likes sneakers. Now you know. And you're welcome. MH

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alaska defense will be ready for Rudy Hatfield's siesta-shot. VIDEO:

Not sure what's on top of Luigi Trillo's game plan when Alaska (9-3) meets Ginebra (7-5) tonight: To make sure Alaska shuts down Ginebra import Vernon Macklin (32 ppg 15 rpg in the last 3 games) or to make sure Alaska's defense is ready for Rudy Hatfield's siesta-shot. SLAM contributor Jutt Sulit described it perfectly: "I swear mukha siyang fade-away with his foot out and all." Mala-Jordan haha. Jason Webb was right. When I told him that Rudy made a shot na naka-higa, he immediately asked, "Ha? Bakit walang naka-palpal??!!" MH

Louisville beats Michigan to win NCAA championship. Highlights. VIDEO:

The thing about the Louisville Cardinals: even if Kevin Ware didn't suffer a horrific tibia injury on live national television in the US, many believed the Cardinals would win the NCAA tournament anyway. Still, beating a hotshot Michigan team, 82-76, in the NCAA Finals wasn't easy. If you missed the game, here are the highlights:

Plus: You probably saw the words "Clean Block" or "Bad Call" on your Twitter timeline yesterday morning. Was this a clear foul or a clean block by Michigan's Trey Burke on Louisville's Peyton Siva?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kevin Ware goes on David Letterman. Horrific injury turns into feel-good story. Nice.

Just days ago, we were all squirming in our seats as video clips of Kevin Ware's horrific injury spread quickly all over the internet. But it's great to see Kevin, a basketball player from Louisville, recovering well from his broken tibia. So yeah, okay na ako na talo Duke sa Louisville haha. He even appeared on David Letterman to personally share a special "Top 10 List" - Top 10 things going through Kevin's mind when his tibia snapped on national television. Watch here:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Amazing photo of Danny Seigle and Emman Monfort from 1999. PHOTO:

Look at Danny Seigle and Emman Monfort (who was around 10 years old) from 1999. And look at them now. Thank you Danny Seigle for posting these photos on Twitter! Who knew this pocket-sized spitfire kid from Pueblo Concepcion, Mandurriao in Iloilo who happened to sit beside PBA superstar Danny Seigle in a 1999 photo would not only end up in the PBA, he would end up being Danny Seigle's teammate in Barako Bull. Ang galing! MH

PBA Fan Art: Vernon Macklin, Denzel Bowles, Mark Caguioa, Jerwin Gaco and more. GRAPHICS.

Latest PBA Fan Art by the world's best fans:

Thanks as always for sharing these Ian Paul Baloran Discaya, Hael Pinat and Mark Duke Bernal. Yessir! MH