Thursday, January 30, 2014

Raymond Almazan is Raymond "RockAnnnndRoll" Almazan. VIDEO:

ROS rookie Raymond Almazan fired 15 points in 18 minutes during Game 2 of the PBA Semis between ROS and Petron. He was a perfect 6/6 from the field including a crucial three-point shot. He even battled against Arwind Santos during the fourth quarter. For helping ROS race to a 2-0 lead in the best-of-7 series, he deserves one phrase and one phrase alone: Rock-annnd-Roll!!!

And just in case you were wondering where all this Raymond "Rock-annnd-Roll" Almazan goodness comes

Watch the original by the legendary Pepe Smith...

And watch the ROS version by the fearless Raymond Almazan....


In case you're wondering, yes, that's Rudy Hatfield in the star-studded Red Horse commercial. Here it is in full:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PBA Fan Art - The Extra Rice Jumpman Logo. GRAPHICS:

Each time Beau Belga goes up for a hang-time shot, his teammates call him Air Jollibee. Yes, Air Jollibee. Since Beau displayed some slick one-on-one moves vs Petron in Game 1 of their semis series, it's time to give Beau an awesome logo. 

Surely, we're all familiar with Michael Jordan's Jumpman logo. But PBA Fan Artist @geraldasakura came up with something new. Jumpman + Extra Rice =  This! 

Incredible! But wait, there's more. Since Beau is more synonymous with his magical shot-fake than his hang-time moves, PBA Fan Artist @HaeLGRfX created this: 

The Extra Rice Jumpman...and...The Magical Shot-Fake Man...have arrived. MH

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PBA Fan Art - Ginebra vs San Mig Coffee Semis. GRAPHICS:

Want to share your PBA Semis Fan Art? Just tag @micohalili on Twitter or Mico Halili and Mico Halili II on Facebook. Please put your Twitter name or Facebook name on your Fan Art so fans know where to reach you. Manila Clasico, let's go! MH

Do you want to see your favourite athletes and teams in GoPro? Yes! Yes! Yes! VIDEO:

Should sports networks in the Philippines integrate GoPro in covering our favourite athletes and teams? Yes! Yes! Yes! Check it out. It works beautifully under a skateboard: 

Or imagine watching your PBA or UAAP team winning a championship this way: 

Or make a referee wear one during a game. Just imagine. Yeng Guiao contesting a call with a referee wearing a GoPro. Think about it. Ang wild nun!!! 

Or maybe during an All-Star Game, have the fastest players on the floor wear the GoPro:

Yup. As fans, we deserve to see our favourite sports with this additional POV: 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Steph Curry's "Grammy Shoes" vs Portland. PHOTO:

Because tonight was the night of the Grammy Awards, Steph Curry played in his "Grammy Shoes" vs the Portland Trail Blazers. Why not. Curry, after all, is the man with the golden shooting touch. MH

NBA Finals Intro - Legacy of Champions + Top Rank Intro - Legends of the Ring. VIDEO:

This NBA Finals opening montage for the NBA on ABC telecast is entitled "Legacy of Champions" and rightfully so. I remember watching this right before games during the 2010 Lakers vs Celtics Finals. They'll even play this inside the arena. It's an awesome way to get fans amped for the game. Because our love for basketball is always an emotional fusion of the past, present and future. 

Top Rank also has a classic opening montage - Legends of the Ring. You've seen this right before Pacquiao fights, right? It's where the past and present intersect. Absolutely love it when they show this inside the MGM Grand Arena and love how fans react to it even more. It's like reminding fans that they paid for their ticket, that they'll expect history to unfold, that they'll watch the next big fight because of one thing. It reminds fans that they love boxing.

Ganda sana if PBA fans could watch something like this right before semis or finals games both on television and inside Araneta or MOA diba? MH

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Taco Bell commercial starring Kevin Love. VIDEO:

2014 Taco Bell commercial starring Kevin Love..."because YOU ARE NOT Kevin Love." MH

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kobe I to VIII. Stories from the Kobe Prelude Pack. VIDEO:

The Prelude Pack goes back to the games and experiences that reinforced the mythology that is Kobe Bean Bryant. Every player has a tale. Every sneaker tells a story. From the Kobe I '81 pts' all the way to the Kobe VIII 'Reflection', the Prelude Pack brings us back to the past and sets up the world for its introduction to the Kobe IX. MH

NBA All-Star Weekend commercial with Steph Curry, James Harden and Marv Albert. VIDEO:

In this promo plug for the NBA All-Star Weekend on TNT, Steph Curry is practicing his threes, Dwight Howard is growing a beard, James Harden is...gasp...shaving his beard...don't do it James, and the great Marv Albert is workin' the treadmill to prepare for the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend. MH

Monday, January 20, 2014

PBA Fan Art - Ginebra, Alaska, San Miguel and San Mig Coffee. GRAPHICS:

Another superb collection of PBA Fan Art. Just in time for the Playoffs. If you wish to submit your own PBA Fan Art, just tag @micohalili on Twitter, and Mico Halili or Mico Halili II on Facebook. Please watermark your PBA Fan Art with either your Twitter name or Facebook page so fans know how to reach you. Great job as always guys! MH