Friday, May 31, 2013

Birdman vs Psycho T in Game 5. VIDEO:

A highlight from the first half of Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Birdman. Psycho T. Shoving Match. These are all Wrestlemania-worthy.

PBA Head Coach is hooked to Be Careful with My Heart.

During a lengthy conversation last night, a highly-respected PBA Head Coach admitted that he's hooked to the hit TV series Be Careful with my Heart. Unfortunately, I can't reveal the identity of this PBA Head Coach because I promised him I wouldn't (for now haha). But if anyone heard us intensely discuss the possible reasons why Be Careful with my Heart became such a huge success, they'd think we were carefully breaking down the title chances of the Miami Heat. Talagang seryosong usapan.

He also claimed the only reason he got hooked was because people in his house would watch the show during lunch. So napilitan lang daw siya. Sorry Coach. I don't believe you, not even for a second. Eh napanood pa niya yung episode kung kailan tinawag ni Maya na "Babe" si Sir Chief and tuwang-tuwa pa siya. But to hear this always-serious champion coach talk about the developing relationship between Sir Chief and Maya, na parang kinikilig pa, was priceless. Absolutely priceless. MH

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Video Blog PBA Commish Cup Finals Game 3 by Tony Dela Cruz. VIDEO:

Great job Tony Dela Cruz the player. Alaska, after all, won the PBA Commissioner's Cup. But great job as well for Tony Dela Cruz the video-blogger. Here's Tony's last video-blog entry from the Finals. Can't wait to see what Tony has in store for the coming PBA Governors' Cup. MH

Tony Dela Cruz Game 3 PBA commissioner's cup championship video blog from anthony dela cruz on Vimeo.

LeBron James blocks George Hill. You've been YouTubed! VIDEO:

What is harap-harapan? Can't tell Indiana Pacers PG George Hill that he didn't take it strong to the hoop. Hill was above the rim. Problem was LeBron James was above the rim even more. Can't even tell Hill he should've dunked. Something tells me that if Hill tried to dunk the ball, LeBron probably would've still blocked it. The over-all effect would've been even more dramatic. The Pacers won Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals but LeBron won this mid-air battle. Emphatically so. MH

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Best Starts with Dad.

In a dusty, old album somewhere in my parents' house, there's a photo of 5-year old me with my Dad. We were in the zoo. We were both wearing shades. He had a moustache. I had a 10-peso haircut. I don't remember that day, actually. No memories of that trip whatsoever. Like I don't even recall the animals we saw. I only know this: it was my birthday and my dad skipped work to bring me to the zoo.

I really should look for that old photo. Maybe place it somewhere in my own house. Then again, it's securely planted in my head. There's an image of a dad and his son; the meaning of time spent together. While I take work seriously, like most people should, I also take trips with my daughter seriously. If that even makes sense. Perhaps it's my way of replicating an image in my mind.

Start them young. Start it young. I'm a dad hoping to collect as many photos and images of memorable trips with my daughter. The beach. A journey up the mountains. Plane rides. Road trips. 

Maybe twenty, thirty years from now, my daughter won't remember the details. Hopefully, twenty, thirty years from now, she'll recall the moments. Probably, twenty, thirty years from now, one of these photos will help her remember. 

Fellow fathers (and moms too!), feel free to celebrate your child's Best Starts in life with Dad moment with Mead Johnson Nutrition, makers of Enfakid A+ and Lactum 3+ & 6+ as they launch the BEST STARTS WITH DAD campaign. Share your father and child photo this May 14-June 11 at and already you get a chance to win a MacBook Air, iPhone 5, and iPad Minis. 

You can even get a FREE photo shoot for your kids with their dad (follow for details) and use it as an entry. Visit the Shangri-La Plaza Atrium on May 18-19 and get that Best Start father and child moment captured on camera!

Watch this touching video from Mead Johnson that features real dads (not actors) and their messages of hope and wishes for their children. Because Mead Johnson Nutrition, makers of Enfakid A+ and Lactum 3+ & 6+, understands that fathers can give the best starts for their kids. 

What is your Best Start with Dad? MH

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Calvin Abueva for Gilas?

Saw this Twitter exchange today between basketball fan Jerod Saradpon (@jsaradpon24) and Gilas Head Coach Chot Reyes (@coachot). The topic: Why not include Calvin Abueva in the Gilas pool?

Chot's answer "Onga" can be translated to "Why not?" As in most things related to Abueva, I'm sure this topic will be as divisive as Abueva himself. Take note, under FIBA rules, flopping is a technical foul. Technical fouls can change a game. Take note of this as well, in a FIBA tournament, we might actually need a multi-purpose disruptor like Abueva. Disruption, hopefully the good kind, can change a game. Looking at the pros and cons of this one is an adventure. I'm glad I'm not the one who has to decide. MH

Tony Dela Cruz Video Blog from Game 1. VIDEO:

Check out Tony Dela Cruz' Video Blog from Game 1 of the PBA Finals. Seriously, I hope more PBA players put together more stuff like this. Good job Tony!

Tony Dela Cruz Game 1 PBA Finals Commissioners Cup Video Blog from anthony dela cruz on Vimeo.

PBA Finals Fan Art. Alaska and Ginebra GRAPHICS:

It's been a superb tournament so far even in terms of PBA Fan Art. Two teams remain. So uploading just a few of the PBA Fan Art featuring Alaska and Ginebra:

Thanks @geraldasakura @gsmpanatiko @gepsimonbaldeo @MrWattatoe @swooshkidjm and Wrong Exed! MH

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tayshaun Throwdown vs OKC. VIDEO:

Once in a while, GritNGrind goes RunNGun. Here's proof. Tayshaun Prince rides the Memphis Time Machine to deliver a Tayshaun Throwdown vs OKC in Game 5:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Secret to Steph Curry's super-powers finally revealed. PHOTO:

Draymond Green (@Money23Green) shared this photo on Twitter last May 6. It explains a lot. Curry is averaging 33 points in two games against the San Antonio Spurs. He scored 44 in Game 1 vs SAS. All I can say is...kaya naman pala. MH

New NBA Playoffs Commercial. We Are All Watching: Nate Robinson. VIDEO:

Okay din sana if we were all talking about "The Return" by this time. But I'm not going to judge Derrick Rose. If he feels he isn't ready, then, he isn't ready. Simple as that. In place of "The Return", we have a sort of "The Secret Weapon" I guess. Third string PG Nate Robinson has given the Chicago Bulls, a team with an already solid defensive resume, a jolt of much-needed offense. Along with another surprising secret weapon in Jimmy Butler, Robinson is making big buckets for a team that used to be better at just stopping big buckets. Sa sobrang galing lately ni NateRob, the NBA felt it was necessary to give him his own NBA Playoffs Commercial. We are all watching Nate Robinson because he's giving us exciting reasons to watch.