Friday, February 28, 2014

Watch LeBron James turn into...Batman. VIDEO:

Incredible things happen when teams face the Knicks. Kobe scores 61. Curry scores 54. And LeBron wears a mask and turns into...The Dark Knight:

S/O to @SBNationNBA for the LeBatman pic. MH

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gerald Green with diabolical double-clutch reverse slam. VIDEO:

Guaranteed. You will do the Stinky Face or the DeAndre Dunk Face when you watch this. It's the Gerald Green effect. MH

Roadtrip to Clark for the Mazda Skyactiv Experiment. Zoom Zoom.

In five words: Zoom Zoom with a Brain. I'll explain that in a bit. But that's what comes to mind when I recall our recent road trip from Manila to Clark, Pampanga last February 15-16 for the Mazda SKYACTIV Experiment. We had three clear objectives during the road trip organized by Mazda Philippines and Shell for a riotous but refreshingly creative mix of car club enthusiasts and bloggers:

a) Day 1 - Drive from Mazda Pasig to BGC to Ayala to Buendia to EDSA Northbound to Timog Avenue to Sgt Esguerra to Quezon Avenue to Elliptical Road to Visayas Avenue to Congressional Avenue to EDSA to Shell Balintawak to NLEX to SCTEX to Clark in the most fuel efficient way. 

b) Day 2 - Drive from Holiday Inn Clark to Shell Clark to SCTEX to the Hacienda Luisita Exit and back at 80kph for the first run then at 100kph for the second run in the most fuel efficient way.

c) Experience driving the Mazda CX-5 AWD for 2 awesome days with my teammates Winslow Co of, Jam Ancheta of -- Go Team 3!!! -- along with our Mazda SKYACTIV Experiment marshall and former racing driver Ms. Menchie Ramirez. By the way, Ms Menchie, your racing stories were awesome!

But the Mazda SKYACTIV Experiment was a contest -- the team could drive their Mazda 6, Mazda CX-5 PRO and Mazda CX-5 AWD in the most efficient way using SKYACTIV Technology wins. So did Team 3 win?! Were we the most fuel efficient group?! No we weren't. Haha. 

But thanks to the valuable lessons we learned from the Day 1 city run from Mazda Pasig to Balintawak, thanks to a better understanding of the Mazda i-Stop feature, thanks to the teamwork we developed in two fun-filled days, we performed so much better during the Day 2 SCTEX run averaging 15.44 km/l for the 80kph leg and 100kph leg. Good job Team 3!!!

Which leads me to the part about the Zoom Zoom with a Brain...

The Mazda SKYACTIV Experiment opened our eyes to Mazda's SKYACTIV Technology and made us better drivers for sure. But the best part of the road trip: celebrating my teammate Winslow's birthday inside the Mazda CX-5 AWD on our way to Clark. Galing ng birthday bash mo Winslow! Oh yeah. This is what a road trip is all about.

Visit to know more about Mazda's SKYACTIV Technology. MH

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FTW Flashback - What's happening to San Mig Coffee? From 12/17/13. VIDEO:

It's interesting to watch this FTW episode from 12/17/13 now, just moments after San Mig Coffee beat Rain or Shine to win the 2013-2014 PBA Philippine Cup. By watching this episode, I think it'll make San Mig Coffee fans cherish this championship even more. MH

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All FTW episodes for Game 6 of the PBA Finals. VIDEO:

Perfect pre-game viewing for tonight's Game 6 of the PBA Philippine Cup Finals between San Mig Coffee and Rain or Shine. San Mig Coffee leads series 3-2. Enjoy and good luck to both teams! MH

Dirk Nowitzki beats the Knicks at the buzzer with the shooter's bounce. VIDEO:

Of course it happens against the Knicks. Of course it happens inside the Madison Square Garden. Dirk Nowitzki hits a the Knicks...with the shooter's bounce. Ouchie. MH

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cool Instagram campaign to send Alaska players to the PBA All-Star Game. PHOTOS:

S/O to the Alaska Aces social media team for their Instagram campaign to try and send their players to the PBA All-Star Game. Check it out on the Alaska_Aces Instagram account. MH 

Monday, February 24, 2014

LeBron James post-practice slam dunk showcase. VIDEO:

I think the best way to get LeBron James into the Slam Dunk Contest is to a) hold it after a Miami Heat practice b) tell him it's not televised and c) make sleeved jerseys optional - kahit walang jersey game na rin. MH

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sports Illustrated analysis - NBA Trade Deadline Moves. VIDEO:

Sports Illustrated says NBA Trade Deadline Moves were more talk, less substance. Do you agree or disagree? MH

James Harden meets a Mini-James Harden. VIDEO:

James Harden meets a Fake James Harden and a Mini James Harden during the All-Star Weekend. MH

Japeth Aguilar beats James Forrester & Chris Ellis in PBA2K14 Slam Dunk Contest. VIDEO:

Saw this on Facebook today. Japeth Aguilar vs James Forrester vs Chris Ellis in a PBA2K14 Slam Dunk Contest. Video Game Goodness! Great job by the PBA2K Team! MH

POSTGAME weekly segment on Sportsdesk re PBA Finals. VIDEO:

Postgame weekly segment on Solar Sportsdesk from 2/20/14 all about the thrilling third quarter from Game 3 of the PBA Finals between San Mig Coffee and Rain or Shine: