Monday, December 31, 2012

Air Jordan "Taxi" vs Air Jordan "Tricycle".

This is the Air Jordan XII "Taxi"....

And this is the Air Jordan XXIII "Tricycle"....

Thanks to Aimee Tapeceria (@aimee829), who truly is one of the best hoop fans in the universe, for sharing this photo. MH

MOA Arena Mop Man = SneakerMVP.

While covering Game 5 of the PBA Semis between TNT and Alaska last night, I noticed something about the MOA Arena Mop Man:

Check out his kicks. Those are Zoom KD V's in the Photo Blue/White/Pink colorway. I was supposed to take a closer photo during halftime but the "MOA Arena Mop Man with the sweet Sneaker Game" was gone.

You know what was even more swag about him: he rocked a Photo Blue belt to match his Photo Blue kicks. Seryoso, I saw it. I'll make sure to look for him again when the PBA Semis resume on January 3. MH

Saturday, December 29, 2012

PBA Fan Art: Skyrus Baguio.

If you're an Alaska fan, this would look good inside your entertainment room. Right beside the framed Johnny Abarrientos jersey. Thanks for this @Calipara! MH

Talk 'N Text was trending last night. Well, sort of.

Unless there is a new "N Text" brand or product I'm completely unaware of, I believe Talk 'N Text, even after losing to Alaska in Game 4, was trending last night. Tama ba? Was this a Twitter Trending Typo? Also, I realize people were discussing weird stuff on Twitter last night.

PBA Fan Artist says The Captain can save San Mig Coffee.

ROS can obliterate San Mig Coffee with a victory in Game 5 of the PBA Semifinals tonight. So for PBA Fan Artist and San Mig Coffee die-hard Hael Pinat, it all boils down to this:

It's logical when you think about it. To climb back from 1-3 series deficit, San Mig Coffee needs to play with Alvin Patrimonio-intensity starting tonight. There is no other recourse. MH

Monday, December 24, 2012

Epic Kobe Bryant Gif vs the Golden State Warriors.

Kobe Bryant had 41 glorious FG attempts vs Golden State yesterday. This had to be the most glorious of them all:

Reminders: Don't try this whoops-slide-dribble-do-not-worry-I-can-still-do-this-fall-away-swish-move at home. And also, don't take 41 FG attempts in a're absolutely sure you can get away with taking 41 FG attempts in a game.

Thanks to Duane Watson, the big man from Toronto, for sharing this. Follow Duane on Twitter -- @sweetswatson. Duane is a contributor for SLAM Magazine and hosts 1-on-1 with Will and Duane on TSN 1050 Radio in Toronto. MH

In Blake Griffin's new commercials, he goes back in time. Laughtrip.

Just like Blake Griffin dunk highlights, no set-up needed for these videos. Simply watch and enjoy:

Stop wearing Jean shorts. Hahahaha. MH

Fan watches GSW vs LAL game in an Ateneo jersey.

I don't know who he is but he rocked an Ateneo jersey during the Warriors vs Lakers game in Oracle. Yan ang commitment. He must've been cheering "Go Golden State Warriors. One Big Fight" all night long. My guess: it's his lucky jersey. With luck, baka mag-5-peat din ang Golden State. Who knows? You know what I also liked though: the classic Chris Mullin #17 jersey worn by the fan beside him. MH

Friday, December 21, 2012

PBA Semis Fan Art featuring San Mig Coffee, ROS, Alaska and TNT.

Today's batch of PBA Semis Fan Art:

Thanks @haeLGRfX @Calipara @MrWattatoe @niKOBE28 and the guys from MH

New NBA Commercial featuring Spike Lee: All Hail the King.

Watch the new NBA commercial featuring Spike Lee:

Spike Lee goes nostalgic over New York Knicks legend Bernard King. Kids, you're not a Knick die-hard unless you know Bernard King. Truly one of the scoring greats. Kids, if you truly want to love the Knicks, you might as well google Charles Oakley. You'll thank me later. Someone asked me if Spike could be torn between his beloved Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. This new NBA commercial tells me this: Spike loves the Knicks. He loves Brooklyn. But the Nets, I'm not so sure. MH

Thursday, December 20, 2012

James Yap started Game 1 in BRED XIs.

You may or may not have noticed but James Yap rocked the BRED XIs at the start of Game 1 of the PBA Semis vs ROS. SLAM PHL sneakerhead Nikko Ramos spotted them quickly:

But eventually James changed into Hyperdunks during the game. My guess: natakot si James kasi baka matapakan ni Beau Belga yung BREDs niya. Patay. Goodbye Air Jordan XI. Goodbye to all this sneaker history. Kung na-Belga yung Breds ni James, sneakerheads around the nation like Miguel Rocha and James Velasquez will cry and faint. Seriously. MH

Sports Books vs 50 Shades of Grey.

One book is mine. The other is not. If you've been following this blog, you'll know what to choose. I'll give you one guess. MH

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For Paul Lee, Extra Rice means Extra Poise.

Again, to make it clear: Paul Lee is still not a full-time member of Extra Rice Inc. Even if it looks that way. The only reason he looks a little round -- tight uniforms. He said so in this column. But Extra Rice or not, he appeared ready for the Semis opener against SanMigCoffee. You know who was guarding him in Game 1? Sakuragi. Yes, Marc Pingris was guarding Rain or Shine's PG. That is respect. You know how Paul Lee responded? With the same effortless approach. Chillax under Pressure. For Paul Lee, Extra Rice really means Extra Poise. MH

The birth of the Basketball Sh*tter Step.

Today, the most lethal basketball move was born. It is ten times more awesome than the Euro-Step and Side-Step combined. World, we bring you...the Sh*tter Step.

@PBAonAKTV's incredibly-loyal 105,607 followers saw it first. Alaska's dependable veteran DonDon Hontiveros did it first. World, you're welcome. MH

Thanks Rob Labagala for the FTW Cake!

Last December 18, Ginebra's Rob "Little Robbie" Labagala dropped by FTW to show us the cake he made for the show:

Rob even brought FTW cupcakes! If you need personalized cakes for special occasions or if you're craving for sinful Red Velvet and Caramel cupcakes (FTW guests Sol Mercado and Chris Ross even fought for the last piece), check out "Little Rob's Cake Haus" in Navotas. You can reach Little Rob's through @robLABAGALA on Twitter or contact 0917-848-1183. Thanks Little Robbie! Robelievers! MH

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NBA Fan Art. Kevin Durant Portrait by @jackfowlerart

This. Is. Nice. By Jack Fowler from Oklahoma City. If you're an NBA fan, this deserves a place on your wall. Check out MH

Monday, December 17, 2012

The first STARBARRUCKS branch.

I'm sorry Aljur Abrenica. But for PBA fans, San Mig Coffee spitfire PG Mark Barroca has evolved into the real Coffee Prince. Can't fully explain why this moniker works. But it works. And as Coffee Prince, Mark can now serve Kapeng Barroca and Barroca Frappucino in his very own coffee shop if he decides to pursue this business. He can call it STARBARRUCKS. Para international-sounding agad. As expected, PBA Fan Artists were quick to visualize Mark's first ever STARBARRUCKS branch:

San Mig Coffee fans on Twitter asked for the location of the first store. If it were up to me, I'll put it in 6750 along Ayala Avenue. So that the very first STARBUCKS store in the Philippines will stand side by side with the very first STARBARRUCKS store in the Philippines. The Coffee Prince deserves no less. MH

I saw "Biker-Ballers" last Sunday.

While running around the UP Oval last Sunday, I spotted two interesting guys riding their mountain bikes. One rocked the Kobe 7 Shark. The other pedaled on in the adiZero Rose 2.0.

What should we call them? Biker-Ballers? MH

PBA Fan Art - Ginebra Edition.

I posted this tweet this morning: "Met a Ginebra fan this morning. Looked like he needed a hug." Many replied that they needed the same. Unfortunately, I'm just a writer, not a hugger.

Also, to the Ginebra fans who said they would feel better if they got hugs from Jessica Mendoza, Erika Padilla and Ginebra's official muse Georgina Wilson, NakNangGinebra, I think you guys are fine hahaha.

Nevertheless, I thought it would be helpful to post some of the best PBA Fan Art from one of the best Ginebra Fan Artists. You know how some people listen to heartbreaking Carpenters or Barry Manilow songs when they're heartbroken to somehow treat their heartbreak? If heartbroken Ginebra fans read this post, hopefully, it works the same way.

Awesome work by @geraldasakura. Check out Gerald's website here:! 

PBA fans, heartbroken or not, are the best. MH

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mark Barroca: From Coffee Prince to StarBarrucks.

It started with #CoffeePrince. Then, it became #KapengBarroca. But when Mark Barroca hit big shots vs Petron last night, Twitter went nuts.

Barroca was named Best Player of the Game. And #CoffeePrince quickly grew into a global brand -- STARBARRUCKS. Epic job as always @HaeLGRfX. This early, Mark is already getting pre-orders for the famous StarBarrucks Christmas Planner:

Future bestsellers in STARBARRUCKS: for sure, the #KapengBarroca and the #BarrocaFrap. MH