Friday, October 31, 2014

PBA Fan Art - Gregzilla, James Yap, Manny Pacquiao, The Beast and more. GRAPHICS:

Fine collection of PBA Fan Art today. Want to share your own? Just tag me through @micohalili on Twitter and Instagram or through Mico Halili II on Facebook. Please credit the photographer of the original photo. Don't forget to watermark your PBA Fan Art with your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram name so fans and players will know how to reach you. Good job guys! MH

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kobe Bryant stares at Dwight Howard and says, "Soft" VIDEO:

Elbows were thrown. Words were exchanged. And Kobe Bryant stared at Dwight Howard and said, "Soft." Welcome to the new NBA season. MH

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SLAM documentary on NBA Draft Prospects "Rep Your Work - a fighter's mentality" VIDEO:

Check out this short documentary "Rep Your Work - a fighter's mentality" featuring Noah Vonleh, Jordan Clarkson, Tyler Ennis, Tobias Harris and Kemba Walker. What does it take to get to the NBA: endless drills, specialised training and even...Muay Thai! MH

Trailer for "The Offseason: Kevin Durant" sports documentary on HBO

Watch the trailer for the sports documentary "The Offseason: Kevin Durant" which will air on HBO in the US. MH

Kevin Durant and "blindfolded" James Harden are "teammates" again in new commercial. VIDEO:

Check out this new commercial. Kevin Durant and a "blindfolded" James Harden are teammates again. Well, sort of. MH

Monday, October 27, 2014

PBA Fan Art - Ginebra, Alaska, Manny Pacquiao, Purefoods. GRAPHICS:

We welcome the new PBA season with the return of awesome PBA Fan Art! 

Want to submit your own PBA Fan Art? Tag me through @micohalili on Twitter or Instagram or through Mico Halili II on Facebook. Don't forget to watermark your PBA Fan Art with your Twitter or Facebook name so fans and players will know how to reach you. Please credit the owner of the original photos as well. Thanks guys and keep 'em coming! MH

Sunday, October 26, 2014

#TeAmoManu - A promise to Manu Ginobili by Gia Jamias

I’ve already begun to hold my breath. As the NBA season draws near, I’ve clasped my hands together harder than ever before. I pray to God to keep Manu Ginobili at his best and most especially, injury free. It’s like a looming dark cloud over my head. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was so relieved that Manu signed a 2-year extension with the San Antonio Spurs. Now that we’re down to the last year of his contract, I’ve never been more at edge. I’ve grown up watching this amazing Argentine play the sport I’m so passionate about. I cannot imagine the NBA without him.

More and more people have come to see the beauty that is Spurs basketball. I believe that this beauty comes with age. I’m lucky that the little girl in me from years back stuck with a player who has filled my heart with championships and has become a huge part of this beautiful game. Now that I’m all grown up, I’m doing all that I can to make that little girl’s dream come true. This will be the year I get to watch my love, Manu, play live.

I’ll be honest. What first caught my eye about Ginobili was the exotic charisma: the accent, the once flowing hair. He has hot hands from the perimeter, the ones that sink threes at the most crucial times. My heart jumps out of my chest whenever he dunks. He drives to the basket without fear. I could not be any prouder when he has banked in the most points in a game. 

Call me weird, but what made me fall in love with Manu even more was his passing. Have you seen the ‘San AntonioSpurs Tribute – The Beautiful Game’ video that came out right after they won the championship early this year? He makes these no look passes, or he passes by touching the ball for a fraction of a second, or my personal favorite - passes that go in between the opponent’s legs that in some cases he passes to himself. I’m on my feet shouting, “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PASS!!!” 

What would the NBA be like without a guy swatting down a bat that’s loose on the court? Or who else could possibly drive so hard, his sneaker explodes? Everyone has a joke about his balding head, go ahead and laugh. You will all miss seeing that shiny patch going up and the hardwood, you'll see. On a team of "non-superstars", Manu is my superstar. A virtuoso of the beautiful game. The owner of my basketball heart. This is the year. That little girl will make a dream come true. Te Amo Manu. I'll see you soon. GJ

The Grantland Basketball Hour Episode 1. VIDEO:

Finally saw Episode 1 of The Grantland Basketball Hour. The opening montage was great. Using the classic NBA on NBC theme was a genius move. I also loved the old-school Converse Magic Johnson-Larry Bird poster in the background. Always in the details. I enjoyed the first episode. In a way, I expected to enjoy it. It was Grantland, after all. The thing about the Grantland doctrine which was very evident in the first episode of The Grantland Basketball Hour: a dynamic understanding of the Twitter/Instagram generation. We are interested in many cool things all at once. Oh and Zach Lowe was on TV! Not starting with a discussion on LeBron James was likewise a clever move. I also thought having a live audience was a good move, instantly gave them something Inside the NBA doesn't have. Good stuff so far. MH

Damian Lillard freestyle rap on CONAN. VIDEO:

Watch Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard rap on CONAN. You should also check out the #4BarFriday posts on Instagram. Lillard Time!  MH

Friday, October 24, 2014

Time to go where #BallersUnite

The hype of Gilas Pilipinas, the PBA, the UAAP, the NCAA, and the NBA has continuously made basketball the most popular sport among Filipinos. In every game, we come to cheer on with our hearts on fire. Indeed, this sport has unified the nation.

Fans may not realize how much it takes for basketball athletes to stay in shape. Ballers unite on the court, train for days, and always push to improve their game. Hoop junkies need to work on technique and fundamentals because basketball requires one to be physically prepared, not just to break ankles from a crossover or to slash the defense, but more importantly, to injury-proof the body for longer years of passion for the game.

Need speed and agility? Cover court distances faster than your defender can blink by doing agility & power training for your legs. Agility ladders and training cones are perfect for those slide movement drills, while ankle weights can train legs for power. 

Playing basketball creates a great amount of stress from shifty movements, excessive jumps and sudden stops. Keep your game on top and prevent damage with available body supports. Protect your ankles from sprains (the most common ballgame injury) by wearing AQ ankle supports. Meantime, protect your knees during unexpected dives for the ball or even possible torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) by using knee supports from McDavid. 

Shoving and tackling in the shaded lane can be hell on the body. Build up your core for this highly physical game with strength training by utilizing dumbbells, a door gym, a medicine ball and a fitness ball. 

Think you've trained enough? Your levelled up game deserves kicks with superior performance and brag-worthy style. Lace up with the latest Nike LeBron XII or Nike KD VII for powerful moves to the basket...

Or improve your zigzagging footwork with the energy-returning Boost Technology of the freshest Adidas D Rose 5 Boost and Adidas Crazylight Boost. Look cool on-court with creatively designed Obbo socks and fashionable Solebandz. Dress up off-court and show your basketball pride with official Gilas Pilipinas or PBA apparel. 

Save yourself from the hassles, check out the wide selection of hoops must-haves - from kicks and accessories, to supports and equipment) at Toby's Sports, a one-stop shop where #BallersUnite.

Ballers of the PHL, head on over to Toby's Sports Fan Page on Facebook, follow @tobyssports on Twitter, follow @tobyssports on Instagram and visit Toby's Sports - where #BallersUnite.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Marc Pingris can't wait for Jordan x 'Slam Dunk' Collection. PHOTOS:

The Jordan x 'Slam Dunk' Collection is coming and Pinoy Sakuragi Marc Pingris can't wait. I can see why. The details on these kicks are perfect for Pingris. It's a sneaker tribute to Hanamichi Sakuragi of the iconic Slam Dunk manga series.

From In 1990, Japanese manga artist Takehiko Inoue introduced the world to the fictional Hanamichi Sakuragi. Sakuragi began as an outcast at his his high school with a reputation for causing trouble. After a girl rejected him, he tried out for the basketball team, where he showcased his natural athleticism and helped turn his previously unknown high school team into an all-star contender in Japan. "I have been hugely inspired by Michael Jordan's game, as well as his attitude. It's been a great honour to have this opportunity," said Inoue. "At first, he was someone from a different planet - he could stay in the air longer than anybody else. Then I began to see him as someone who always encourages you to set a vision and challenge yourself to achieving it."

From The number 10 is present throughout the collection, replacing the standard 23. The number is a nod to Sakuragi's player number and establishes the Jordan Brand x Slam Dunk collaboration as the character's very own player-exclusive line. 

During Marc's guesting on The Bro Show, he told us he was excited to wear these to the games. Marc said, "Talagang gagamitin ko yan!" Afterwards, he posted this on Instagram:

Jordan x Slam Dunk x Pinoy Sakuragi coming soon! To learn more about the collection, go to: MH

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ready for the #SmoothLee Adventure?

Hanging out with the Ninja Academy

Cue the theme song from Enter The Dragon. Flex your muscles. Show your most awesome Kung-Fu face. And be ready to beat the Hair Ninjas the way only Smooth Lee can. Love this guy. Smooth Lee! How does Smooth Lee beat the Hair Ninjas? Smooth Lee takes them out with the Schick Exacta 2.

Bro, I tried the Schick Exacta 2 and I now know how it feels to have Smooth Lee powers. Galing! I now have a Smooth Lee shave for that Smooth Lee look so I now have Smooth Lee confidence. Waaaa-chaaa! 

With MJ Tiquia and Claire Guevarra of Schick Philippines

With two thin blades for a precise shave and non-slip rubber grip on the Schick Exacta 2 Disposable (SRP P22.50) and with 2 blades, enhanced lubricant strip with aloe and Vitamin E, unique pivoting head, and new improved grip on the Schick Exacta 2 System (SRP P79.00 Kit, P38.00 Refill), it precisely targets hard to reach hairs wherever they try to hide. 

Sorry Hair Ninjas, you have nowhere to hide. Smooth Lee will find you. Smoooooth Leeeeee! That's the power of Schick Exacta 2. 

Face to face with Smooth Lee! 

I actually met Smooth Lee at the Schick Exacta 2 Parkour Challenge. Wattaguy. I asked him to show me some Smooth Lee moves. Just like in Parkour, for Smooth Lee there are no roadblocks. There are only obstacles meant to be conquered. 

So now...I'm ready to go on a Smooth Lee Adventure. I know you are too. To join, download the Smooth Lee app on IOS or Android, create your own Schick TV commercial using the app...

And get the chance to win the following prizes:

Grand Prize: Trip to Hong Kong/Macau for 4 days 3 nights with Ocean Adventure, HK Disneyland, City Tour, and $500 USD pocket money

Second Prize: Apple iPad Air 16GB

Third Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

50 consolation prizes

Promo period is from August 1, 2014 and extended until November 30, 2014. 

To know more about the Smooth Lee adventure, watch this video: 

Or go to and check promo updates on

Let's go Bro, time to go on an adventure like Smooth Lee! MH

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