Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can't cop this: The Mark Caguioa Fitted Cap

It takes a special kind of devotion for a boy, around 8-9 years old, to make this. Obviously, he idolizes Mark Caguioa. Obviously, it's not expensive. It doesn't bear the New Era 59Fifty seal of fitted coolness. It doesn't cost $ 35.00. Rappers won't wear it. Can't find this in RONAC. Won't see it on Hypebeast.

But it's manufactured straight from a boy's heart. The graphic is handmade. Finished just hours before gametime. Created by a little fan's heart and soul. Sorry guys, it's uncoppable. This one's one of a kind. Go look, but don't touch. This, people, is as elusive as it gets -- 1 out of a series of 1. MH

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Peter June Simon wins game, loses teeth.

Who says PBA players don't sink their teeth into games?

First, Rain or Shine's Doug Kramer loses a tooth during a game. He soldiered on and even became that game's Best Player. Tonight against Smart Gilas, Peter June Simon helped undermanned B-Meg win the game in overtime, but lost his two front teeth in the process.

Smile PJ! At least B-Meg was the first PBA squad to beat Gilas in the tournament. I wonder: which PBA team will hire the league's first Team Dentist? MH

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paul Artadi is an "Artisan"

There seems to be some confusion over what I said about Air 21 point-guard Paul Artadi during the game between Ginebra and Air 21 last night.

The sequence went like this:

a) Artadi tried to draw a charging foul but referees didn't call it.

b) Then, Ronald Tubid successfully drew a charging foul (which clearly annoyed Artadi).

c) So on the very next play, Artadi, determined to prove to referees that he's also a master of the "pick-up-charge", absorbed a collision and launched himself in the air like a frisbee. Prrrrt. Offensive foul on Ginebra.

So I said on-the-air, "This is why Artadi is an artisan."

My broadcast partner Jason Webb asked, "Ano si Artadi? Artistahin?"

I clarified, "Hindi artistahin or artista. Artisan."

An artisan is a craftsman, a skilled worker. Pwede naman tawaging flopper si Artadi. In many instances, tama sabihin yun. Artadi reacts to minimal contact the way fighters over-react to kicks and punches in "Kung Fu Hustle". Parang artista. Mahirap nga naman tawagan ng offensive foul ang...hangin.

Pero naniniwala din ako na mahirap gawin ang ginagawa ni Artadi. It involves anticipation. It demands athleticsm. It requires acrobatics. Therefore, it is a skill. Hindi basta-basta nagagawa. Hindi basta-basta magagawa ng iba. Pinag-aaralan. Hinahasa. And this makes Artadi an asset on defense. Naiirita, naiilang, nasisira laro ng mga kalaban dahil sa kanya. I've seen this happen many times too.

Which is why, for me, Artadi is an Artisan.

Of course, kung gusto ni Paul sumali sa "Kung Fu Hustle 3 - The Revenge of Kid Lightning", pwedeng-pwede rin. MH

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bobby Joe!

If you have Destiny Cable, you should check out Channel 83 every now and then. They've been showing old-school PBA games this week. Last night, I watched the 1989 All-Filipino Finals between San Miguel and Purefoods. Stars galore. And the late great Joe Cantada was anchoring the game!

What did I notice? Hairstyles were longer than shorts, Asaytono - as early as '89 - was a beast, and names were somehow cooler in the late 80's. You can't beat PONKY ALOLOR. You just can't. And is there any other cooler "double first name combo" than BOBBY JOSE. Made even cooler with shortened name: BOBBY JOE!

The only guy I know na lamang kay Bobby Joe sa multiple-first-name-as-full-name identity: PETER JUNE SIMON. He has three. MH

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspired by Fab Five, 90's Green Archer commits Sneaker Suicide.

The Michigan Fab Five: young, brash, unrepentant. In 1991, Michigan had 5 fab freshmen in the starting line-up. And they changed the look of the game. Shorts became baggier, longer. Black shoes were no longer exclusive to neither the Celtics nor Michael Jordan. And Black Socks were no longer reserved for First Communions or weddings.

Syempre umabot ang Fab Five revolution dito sa Pilipinas nung early 90's. Humaba din dito ang shorts. Nag-black socks na rin lahat. La Salle and FEU adopted the Fab Five look better than other UAAP teams. Ki-nareer! One La Salle player, who went on to have a long stint in the PBA, couldn't accept playing in white/purple colorway Air Max CB's while the rest of the team wore black. He grabbed a Pentel Pen marker and committed sneaker suicide. He colored his shoes black. MH

Monday, March 7, 2011

What the Miami Heat reminds me of

Watching the Lakers' troubles this season is like watching Season 8 of "24". Somehow, you expect Kobe/Bauer to eventually pull through.

Watching the recent endgame foibles of the Heat, including this morning's one-point loss to the Bulls, is like watching Season 1 of LOST. Is LeBron Miami's Jack Shepard and is D-Wade John Locke? Or, is it the other way around?

Life, and basketball, can be funky when you're guessing your way around The Island. MH