Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#OurHoops We Ball Anywhere. Try a 9th Floor Parking Garage. PHOTO:

In the Philippines, we can hoop anytime, anywhere. This is undeniable proof. Shared by former Ateneo Blue Eagle Ryan Pamintuan (@rynpamn21), you'll find this basketball court on the 9th Floor parking garage of the LKG Tower in Makati.  Life is simple. You drive. You park. You play. This is where they hoop. Where do you hoop? MH

Mark Caguioa's New Battle-Cry: Walang Tulugan!

Good job Mark Caguioa! This is how you make your Twitter followers happy: by posting photos with personalities like the Master Showman German Moreno. This is one surefire way to make @OfficialMC47 legendary. Keep on tweeting. Keep on interacting. Keep on posting. Keep it up Mark. The Spark x Kuya Germs = Barangay Walang Tulugan! MH

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From The Stands Podcast Episode 42: PBA Trade Analysis and some real gritty talk on Japeth Aguilar.

From The Stands Episode 42: PBA Trade Analysis and Real Talk on Japeth Aguilar...

@polo_bustamante: "I'm excited for Barako. Everyone in the PBA should be excited too."

@carlo_pamintuan: "Japeth, there's a time for dreaming and there's a time for being real. Now is the time to be real."

@chuck_araneta: "Mac Baracael is a Ginebra-type of player who may not get minutes with Ginebra."

PLUS the guys debate -- choose one PBA Player you can beat sa one-on-one!

Listen to the From The Stands Podcast Now:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Motivation for first run after two-week break: New Shoes!

My deep, soulful, philosophical motivation to run this morning: New Shoes! Haha. Trying out the adidas adiZero Tempo 4. Nice ride so far. At least, ginanahan ako to run because of new kicks. Cool colorway too. Pero finally, I was able to run again after a two-week break. That two-week break, by the way, was involuntary: the result of being an Asthmaholic. DNP - Hingal. Hassle. But at least it was just a temporary setback.

Bottom-line, I'm running again. Plus I'll be good to go for the Condura Skyway Half-Marathon on February 3, 2013. Teka, next Sunday na pala yun! Putek. Haha. Not gunning for PR (personal record) anyway. Objective is to run on the Skyway again with my Team RunToms teammates. Always an experience. But after Condura, I need to  seriously focus on two goals: to train for my first full-marathon for 2013 (after joining two full-marathons last year) and to join my first aquathlon, ever. Batman, ikaw na bahala boss. Haha. MH

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I met a die-hard Ginebra fan in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Ryan Morada was impossible to miss. I met Ryan at Solenad 2 in Sta. Rosa, Laguna last night. As you can see, it's easy to stand out when you're wearing an old-school Ginebra San Miguel Number 7 Sonny Jaworski Retro Jersey. Kahit ang lamig kagabi haha.

Ryan even introduced me to his son, Ryan Andre. Ryan Andre looks like he's still in pre-school. Medyo mahiyain pa nga eh. Then, Daddy Ryan asked his very young son, "Sino si number forty seven?" Ryan Andre replied, "Caguioa." Wow.

We posed for photos (because I needed a photo for this blog entry haha) and talked about basketball. Ryan's entire family, based in Sta. Rosa, watches the PBA. PBA fans are the best...truly. Finally, I asked Ryan, "Kelan ka ba nagsimulang maging Ginebra fan?" Ryan smiled, let out a quick laugh and answered, "Since birth." MH

Friday, January 25, 2013

PBA Fan Art: Alaska Head Coach Luigi Trillo. "We're All In"

I think it's awesome that fans are creating PBA Fan Art for PBA Head Coaches as well. Especially if it's as knock-down-good as this one. It's really Trillosonic! Hurry Alaska, print this on large format, frame it and hang it inside the team quarters. Do it now. Or if not, give it to Chuck Araneta of the From The Stands Podcast. He'll happily to put it in his room. Credit goes to PBA Fan Artist Elijah Arpa from the @Alaska_Aces FB Group. Check out the details on the graphic. The cards. The chips. Even the table is hoop-inspired. Galing! Good job Elijah! MH

Thursday, January 24, 2013

#OurHoops Pinoys shoot jump-shots in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. PHOTO.

#OurHoops For Pinoys, basketball never stops. Sun up. Sun down. Moon out. Lights on. Someone is ready to knock down jumpers even in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Photo provided by global hoophead Dwyane Bulquerin (@DwyanE3BlaiszE). This is where they hoop. Where do you hoop? MH

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PBA Fan Art: June Mar Fajardo. #KrakenLove

Missing June Mar Fajardo already? Here's something for the #KrakenLovers and #Fajantards -- Kraken Fan Art by @mRAmigo23. I also named June Mar my must-pick for our ultimate Gilas FIBA-Asia Dream Team in this new FTW episode:

KobeSaya Fans: Your KobeSaya FanSigns are Ready!

Three days ago, I saw Chris Tiu giving out Fan Signs on TV. I wondered if KobeSaya should do the same. So I asked tweeps if they wanted one from KobeSaya. The response was overwhelming. So dear KobeSaya Fans, ask and you shall receive. Here are your KobeSaya Fan Signs:

Want your own KobeSayaSign? Just tweet @micohalili or @Kobe_Saya24 and use the hashtag #KobeSayaSign and we'll try to deliver them online ASAP. Thanks guys for always supporting KobeSaya and the PBA! MH

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LeBron James sings Michael Jackson's Rock With You. VIDEO.

The Lakers lose again. They've lost 9 of their last 11 games. Another opposing PG plays like an All-Star against the Lakers' defense. This time, it's the Bulls' Kirk Hinrich with 22p 7r 8a. And Kobe Bryant, he is shooting 25 out of 79 in his last 3 games. Meanwhile, LeBron James is busy doing this:

Saw this on the Miami Herald Blog from Shane Battier's "Battioke" Charity Event in Miami.


Okay how about Shane Battier singing the 80s classic theme "The Love Boat":

The Miami Heat are on top of the East. LeBron needs to practice more Michael Jackson. Shane Battier should just play defense. And it's a weird, weird time to be a Lakers fan. MH

Monday, January 21, 2013

Have you seen the Carmelo Anthony "Playing For The City That Made Me" Episodes?

Brought to you by the people of --> Carmelo Anthony explains what it means to "Play For The City That Made Me" in this series. Melo. From Red Hook, Brooklyn. A New York Knick. Episodes 1 to 3. His story:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Larry Fonacier shared TNT's secrets for sustained success on FTW.

I watched this FTW Sessions interview with Larry Fonacier again. This was back in November. We talked about the comparison between TNT and the Spurs, that TNT has no player competing for the title "The Face of the PBA" and that "The Face of TNT" is not even a player. Larry said "The Face of TNT" is Norman Black. Says a lot, right? 

This FTW Sessions interview was actually a discourse on TNT Basketball. It featured concepts such as servant leadership, business-like attitude and walang inggitan. This was back in November, long before TNT's triumph in the Finals. Watch it now in January. You might catch yourself saying, "Ah kaya pala."

Because it all made sense before. Now that TNT is a champion team anew, Larry's insights make even more sense now. MH

From Kevin Durant to Yancy De Ocampo to Gary David to Batas ni Matias...Ballers invade theFoot Spa!

Okay. So maybe it's a trend I haven't noticed. Maybe the guys don't post twitpics about it as often as they should. Maybe there are more ballers out there who hit Foot/Nail Spa joints more than these 5 players. But these are the 5 I know about. Remember my January 11 blog about Yancy De Ocampo's visit to the Foot/Nail Spa?

That blog prompted the Tip.Top.Toes Nail Spa to send me this Instragram photo to prove that Yancy isn't the only one. It's from Kevin Durant. Yes, the guy who dropped 52 points on the Dallas Mavericks -- That Kevin Durant:

How about the guy who averaged 26 ppg during the 2011-2012 PBA Season? Yeah, El Granada himself, Gary David. Yup. Granada goes to the Foot/Nail Spa too. Carlo Sharma has visual confirmation:

But here's the kicker. ROS enforcer Ronnie Matias is likewise part of the rising trend. Yes. Sir. Ronnie. Matias. Thanks for the pic BNM (Batas ni Matias)!

Conclusion: Ayon sa Batas ni Matias, dapat alaga ang Paa ni Matias.

Yancy. Durant. El Granada. Matias. This is just the beginning. MH

Saturday, January 19, 2013

From The Stands Podcast Episode 41. Listen Now.

From The Stands Podcast Episode 41 - The Dirk Nowitzki Episode.

The From The Stands guys recap TNT's Philippine Cup Finals sweep over ROS and go Fight Club over the Best Player of the Conference Award. The guys really went at it. Polo also explains why he will no longer cheer for Alaska. The guys also form their dream Gilas teams using the one player per PBA team policy. The Kelly Williams vs Arwind Santos debate was in...tense.

"I said it before. TNT would win in 4 games." - @carlo_pamintuan

"I still think Sol Mercado deserves BPC." - @polo_bustamante

"Calvin Abueva was better than Jayson Castro." - @chuck_araneta

PLUS listen to a From The Stands Podcast Exclusive --> @NotBillWalton's personal recap of the PBA Finals. Oh yeah, it's him.

"Jayson Castro can play on my @NotBillWalton All-Stars any day of the week." - @NotBillWalton

"Jimmy Alapag was more fearless than Jeff Van Gundy grabbing Alonzo Mourning's legs." - @NotBillWalton

Listen to From The Stands Podcast Episode 41 Now:

Enjoy guys!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Will you ever believe Lance Armstrong again?

Did he ruin yellow baller-bands forever? Did he destroy cycling by his deeds? Will you ever believe this man again? For years, Lance Armstrong stood for fortitude. Often, the simplest question leads to the most complicated answers. He knew the consequences would've been grave. He had to know. Didn't matter. He still did it. Brazenly? Proponent or Victim? Should we sympathize or should we make him suffer? Why did Lance Armstrong do it? Whatever he says, it will probably never fully answer the questions we have. MH

Thursday, January 17, 2013

#OurHoops Riyadh, KSA. This is where they hoop. Where do you hoop? PHOTO.

#OurHoops The magical thing about Pinoy Hoops is that wherever Pinoys go, Pinoy Hoops go along with them. Thanks to Rommel or @rakenrol_nurse on Twitter for sharing this photo from the Prince Sultan Military Medical City in Riyadh, KSA. This is where they hoop. Where do you hoop? MH

Happy Birthday Jerwin Gaco! Our one true BPC.

Happy Birthday to Jerwin Gaco, the man who inspires Gaconatics all over the world. Happy Birthday to Jerwin Gaco, our one true BPC. Best Player of the Conference? Nope. Best Player of the Century! MH

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#OurHoops Aliaga, Nueva Ecija. This is where they hoop. Where do you hoop? PHOTO.

#OurHoops This is old-school. This is picturesque. From the backboard, to the backdrop, it's all scenic, classic basketball goodness. From Aliaga, Nueva Ecija. By Geleen Faye Gallego (@JustGeeee). This is where they hoop. Where do you hoop? MH

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hamed Haddadi and the search for a modern Pinoy NBA player.

With 3:39 left in the fourth quarter of a blow-out game, Hamed Haddadi prepares to enter the game. You can see the score on the photo. Clippers leading Memphis 90-66. The crowd in Memphis cheers because a) they have had to little to cheer about in this game and b) Hamed Haddadi is about to play.

Why is this a big deal? Because Haddadi doesn't play that much. He has played in only 10 games this season. His longest playing time was 16 minutes against Dallas. That won't happen often. He's averaging only 1.3 points and 2.3 rebounds for a playoff team.

I'm not belittling Haddadi's stature as a bench player. We all know how hard it is to make it to the NBA. Ask Japeth Aguilar. You know what's even harder - stopping Haddadi whenever we play against him in the FIBA-Asia Championships. But watching Haddadi enter an NBA game under such circumstances made me wonder.

If someone who once played in the UAAP or NCAA or PBA finally makes it to the NBA, will we be okay to just watch him play around 5 minutes every now and then? I know the dream is to witness a Filipino version of Linsanity. If you are going to dream, might as well dream big. But what if 2013 Haddadi is the only peg available?

I'm assuming that if a UAAP/NCAA/PBA player makes it, that player's talent level must be off the charts. So would it be better for that player to stay in the Philippines, play 40-plus minutes per game and be a superstar OR should that player go to the NBA, play 4-plus minutes whenever possible and watch most games from the bench?

Again, to make it to the NBA is a huge accomplishment for any player. Huge. It's the NBA. Hence, I admire UAAP/NCAA/PBA players who either openly or not-so-openly dream of making it to the NBA someday.

Watching Haddadi today just made me think.

What will this dream lead to: Linsanity or HaddadiNation? Pagmumuni lang.

In the end, my conclusion is this: if you're dreaming of landing on the moon, I suspect it matters little where you'll land. MH

Monday, January 14, 2013

PBA Fan Art: Coach Alfrancis Chua is "The Thinker" by @geraldasakura

My proposed title for this Alfrancis Chua portrait -- "The Thinker". You can study this portrait by @geraldasakura the whole day and not run out of possible questions. What is Coach Al thinking? Is he thinking of their import for the Commissioner's Cup? Is he pondering on Ginebra's chances in the next conference? Is he reflecting on life as Ginebra's new coach? Is he thinking of ways to increase Rob Labagala's minutes? Robelievers!!! MH

Had a nice chat with Jimmy Alapag's parents after Game 3.

I met Jimmy Alapag's parents right after Game 2 of the PBA Philippine Cup Finals at the MOA Arena. What a nice couple.

I saw Crispin and Aurora Alapag again right after Game 3 at the Araneta Coliseum last night. They were with LJ Moreno-Alapag. I told them LJ used to be my student back when I taught broadcasting for one semester. I also reminded them that Jimmy and I are PBA batch mates since we both joined the PBA in 2003. We are all connected somehow.

I asked Crispin, "What lessons did Jimmy learn from his dad?"

Crispin, who is 74 years old, replied, "You have to be sincere when you are doing something. Be sincere and work hard. And you have to have inspiration."

I asked Aurora, "What qualities did Jimmy get from his mom?"

Aurora, who is 67 years old, answered, "Patience. And knowing how to get along with everybody."

"You must be very proud of your bunso," I said.

"We're so proud of him, very proud of him," Aurora admitted. "That's my baby. Sabi ko sa kanya, 'Anak, I know you are married now but you're still my baby' (laughs)." MH

I finally met the MOA Arena Mop Man with the kickass sneaker game! #SneakerMVP

Remember the MOA Arena Mop Man with the slick sneaker game? I spotted him during a Semis game last December 30 (he was rocking photo blue KD V's) but wasn't able to talk to him:

Well good news: I finally tracked him down! His name is Jeff Magpili. Jeff works as a Service Assistant for the MOA Arena. When we finally met, Jeff was in his Blue/Black/Yellow 2012 Hyperfuse.

Aside from owning the Photo Blue KD V (which he matches with a photo blue belt by the way, I'm not kidding) and the Blue/Black/Yellow Hyperfuse, Jeff also includes a University Red 2012 Lunar Hyperdunk and a White/Black adiZero Rose 773 in his rotation of kicks.

Sounds just about right. After all, Jeff is the MOA Arena Mop Man with the badass sneaker game.

Before he got hooked on basketball shoes, he was really into Vans and Chuck Taylor. The man knows his shoes. But he kept on seeing nice basketball kicks on Facebook and often admired the pairs PBA players rocked during big games. Finally, he decided to cop some bball pairs for himself. Finally, he decided to upgrade his sneaker game.

I asked Jeff, "Sino sa mga PBA players ang may pinaka-magandang sneakers sa mga games?"

Jeff answered, "Si Jimmy Alapag." MH

Sunday, January 13, 2013

PBA Fan Art: New Ginebra Head Coach Alfrancis Chua. By @geraldasakura.

The Long Hair Era for Ginebra Begins. Good luck Coach Al. Thanks for this @geraldasakura! MH

#OurHoops Capitol Homes QC by @baconaustria. (PHOTO)

I know it looks like most covered courts around the country. But if you've ever played ball on a cement court, you know not all cement courts are made the same. For former Ateneo Blue Eagle Bacon Austria , the covered court in Capitol Homes, Quezon City is all about memories. Thanks for sharing this @baconaustria. This is where they hoop. Where do you hoop? MH

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Safeguard #YouVsYourself Timeline Challenge.

I'm not an elite athlete like JC Intal, Matteo Guidicelli, Rio DelaCruz and Gretchen Ho. But if you've seriously trained for any sport, you can identify with the challenges they face. It's true. Sports, at the core, really is a #YouVsYourself deal. 

It's waking up early even if you don't want to. It's following a training plan even if you prefer to do something else. It's having the desire to succeed even if it's so much easier to not even try. 

My #YouVsYourself story? Trained for a 42KM marathon. I followed the program: speed work during weekdays, long distance runs during weekends. Cross-trained with swimming in-between.

Forced myself to sleep early. Forced myself even more to wake up early. To finish speed work runs as planned. To finish long distance runs like I was supposed to. Giving up was always an option. But you convince yourself that it wasn't.

It was always Me vs Me. That's why athletes train. That's why we love sports. My goal was to be prepared for race day. My thinking: even if you're not an elite athlete, you take on the challenge like one. The result: I finished the 42KM marathon with a personal-best time. Now I'm excited to train for my next 42K.


What's your #YouVsYourself story?

Take the #YouVsYourself Timeline Challenge at:
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The #YouVsYourself Timeline Promo Challenge has been extended until the end of March 2013.

Thanks for reading this sponsored post. MH