Monday, February 14, 2011

Roone Arledge - The Michael Jordan of TV Sports Production

"Heretofore, television has done a remarkable job of bringing the game to the viewer - now we are going to take the viewer to the game!" - Roone Arledge (And to prove how ahead he was of his time, he wrote this in the 1960's)

Roone Arledge is widely-regarded as the greatest television sports producer ever. He created Monday Night Football, produced the legendary ABC Wide World of Sports, pioneered the Sports Instant Replay and the Sports Slow-Motion Replay among many innovations.

But Arledge's strongest legacy in sports production - the Humanity of Sports Television: "What we set out to do was to get the audience involved emotionally. If they didn't give a damn about the game, they might still enjoy the program."

If you are in any way involved in television sports production, be it for the coverage of basketball, boxing, football or even patintero, you will thank yourself for reading ROONE: A MEMOIR. Or at the least, just Google this man up: ROONE ARLEDGE. MH

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