Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coach Rio vs The Plane. #BeatCoachRio

Unreal. Just saw the YouTube video of Coach Rio vs The Plane. Hahahaha yes, Coach Rio with his afro and a Cessna with its propellers. One on one. Man against machine. I can’t imagine what it’s like to sprint side-by-side with a plane on an open field. Ang alam ko lang, the adrenaline rush must have been off the charts.

Sort of like the rush of trying to catch the last departing plane out of an island.

Imagine what it’s like, to foolishly miss boarding time, then sprint on the NAIA runway, like freakin’ Usain Bolt, or like a speeding Coach Rio, to catch a flight.

I’m genuinely happy for this man. He’s quite the success story. Living proof that one can achieve so much by staying true to his passion. I see him during RunRio events. He normally chugs around the race route on his scooter. Runners greet him. He normally waves back. He makes people run. These are people who never used to run. People like me. Now I run. Maybe not as fast as the Afro Man. But, certainly, I can now identify with the enthusiasm he always runs with. Nakakahawa. Some say the afro is his signature. I say his passion for running is his signature.

So Coach Rio vs The Plane, hahaha runner against an airplane – riot, is another intriguing project. I honestly don’t know what this YouTube stunt will lead to on June 5 at the Bonifacio Global City (back of Terra 28th Park). Will he race against a plane again? Will he dare other runners to do the same? Whatever #BeatCoachRio is, however insane it might be, it will surely be another milestone in the career of a running visionary. MH

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