Monday, September 3, 2012

The many, many faces of Ranidel de Ocampo.

Last Saturday, we had Ranidel de Ocampo as a guest in a special Jones Cup Edition of AKTV Center. Coach Chot Reyes said that the two best jokers on Gilas were Gary David and Ranidel. So we asked Ranidel to share one of his jokes live on-air:

Okay, so maybe Gary is the better joker. Di bale. Para sa Bayan naman yung joke ni Ranidel. All good.  Now we also asked Ranidel if it's true that he only has one facial expression for all kinds of emotions. He said, "Hindi totoo yan!" So, he agreed to show the many different facial expressions he has for different situations:

When Ranidel is serious.
When Ranidel is happy.
When Ranidel is upset.
When they won the Jones Cup.
When he saw Santa Claus for the first time.
When he wins the Super Lotto Jackpot.
The next time he sees me...

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