Monday, November 12, 2012

Rob Labagala's Robelievers.

You guys already know that I am a true, certified, 100 percent, die-hard Gaconatic. I think only James Yap is more Gaconatic than I am. Being a Gaconatic, however, won't discourage me from supporting other movements. 

In Ginebra's last two games, Little Robbie Labagala played. He didn't play during Ginebra's 5-game losing skid. But when Little Robbie finally played, Ginebra finally won. 2 games. 2 wins. Coincidence? So along with being a proud Gaconatic, I'm thinking of joining this new group:

Those who have faith in Little Robbie aren't just believers. They're Robelievers! MH

* Thanks to for the Robbie Labagala photo.

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