Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yup it's a sneaker that can talk! adidas + bluetooth = The Talking Sneaker. VIDEO.

The Talking Shoe is a multimedia collab by Art, Copy and Code and YesYesNo. They created an adidas smart sneaker (to work seamlessly with your smart phone of course) that talks. Well, not really talk but it communicates. By connecting your sneaker to the web, using bluetooth and other gadgets which are hard to spell, your sneaker will send witty, funny, sarcastic messages to your phone app. It truly is the next step: for sneakers to start talking to their owners and for sneakerheads to start talking back. Sneaker says, "I love you bro." Sneakerhead replies, "I love you back."

To know more about this sneaker experiment, head on over to and MH

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