Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alaska defense will be ready for Rudy Hatfield's siesta-shot. VIDEO:

Not sure what's on top of Luigi Trillo's game plan when Alaska (9-3) meets Ginebra (7-5) tonight: To make sure Alaska shuts down Ginebra import Vernon Macklin (32 ppg 15 rpg in the last 3 games) or to make sure Alaska's defense is ready for Rudy Hatfield's siesta-shot. SLAM contributor Jutt Sulit described it perfectly: "I swear mukha siyang fade-away with his foot out and all." Mala-Jordan haha. Jason Webb was right. When I told him that Rudy made a shot na naka-higa, he immediately asked, "Ha? Bakit walang naka-palpal??!!" MH

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