Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LA Clippers unveil brand new baby blue jerseys with sleeves! PHOTOS:


Parang these guys don't look too happy with their new unis? Or maybe they actually love their new powder blue jerseys, with or without the sleeves, pero hindi lang halata. Besides, Lob City alley-oops should look good in any color, right? But the sleeves...


Mukha bang pang intrams?

Or pang company sportsfest?

Initial feedback from NBA reporters on social media, however, has been consistent. They don't dig the sleeves. I don't think people will have any issue with the baby blue color. Sneaker companies have tinkered with the color-wheel so often, our concept of color combinations has become limitless. That's a great thing. But the sleeves...I think if Kanye endorses the sleeves, if sleeved jerseys appear in music videos, maybe the world will accept the sleeves. MH



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