Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PBA Fan Art - The Kraken vs Gregzilla. GRAPHICS:

When I saw @iloveathasja's question on Twitter, I felt it sounded right. I felt it would work. That it would work really well. #GREGZILLA - it even looks good as a hashtag. Ginebra rookie Greg Slaughter said he didn't like Sgt. Slaughter as a moniker since his brother was an actual sergeant in the US military. "He's the real Sgt. Slaughter," Greg said. 

So fans like @iloveathasja came up with a new one. And it's awesome. GREGZILLA. It became even more awesome when the best PBA Fan Artists went to work on June Mar "Kraken" Fajardo vs Greg "Gregzilla" Slaughter posters. Good job witty Fans like @iloveathasja! Good job PBA Fan Artists like Hael Pinat, Geff Simon Baldeo and Joey Almadin! You're all winners! MH

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