Sunday, December 29, 2013

Japeth Aguilar hit two clutch 3's in the KD 6 'Meteorology'. Makes so much sense. VIDEO:

What was Japeth Aguilar wearing when he hit that game-winning three vs TNT last December 8 and when he drained last night's game-winning three vs Meralco? The KD 6 'Meteorology'. This makes so much sense. 

Kevin Durant once said that if he wasn't a basketball player, he would probably be a weatherman. Thus, the KD Weatherman sneaker concept was born and it started with the KD IV. Designer Leo Chang continued the Weatherman concept with the KD VI by incorporating graphic representations of weather pressure systems similar to what we see during weather reports on CNN. 

So the KD 6 'Meteorology' + a 6-9 guy hitting clutch threes. Yup, KD na KD. 

Here's a hands-on look at the KD 6 'Meteorology' by Jaques @kustoo Slade of The Week in Sneaks

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