Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Grantland Basketball Hour Episode 1. VIDEO:

Finally saw Episode 1 of The Grantland Basketball Hour. The opening montage was great. Using the classic NBA on NBC theme was a genius move. I also loved the old-school Converse Magic Johnson-Larry Bird poster in the background. Always in the details. I enjoyed the first episode. In a way, I expected to enjoy it. It was Grantland, after all. The thing about the Grantland doctrine which was very evident in the first episode of The Grantland Basketball Hour: a dynamic understanding of the Twitter/Instagram generation. We are interested in many cool things all at once. Oh and Zach Lowe was on TV! Not starting with a discussion on LeBron James was likewise a clever move. I also thought having a live audience was a good move, instantly gave them something Inside the NBA doesn't have. Good stuff so far. MH

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