Monday, February 9, 2015

Transitions ® Signature ™ lenses lets me live a Life Well Lit™

As a sportscaster, I watch, read, write, and tweet a lot of sports content all the time under varied light conditions indoors and outdoors. So I'm really amped to see how Transition ® Signature ™Lenses enhances the way I watch, read, write and tweet about sports when it's sunny or cloudy outdoors or under different lighting conditions indoors. 

Transition ® Signature ™ Lenses features the most responsive adaptive lenses by Transitions Optical to date, developed from Transitions Optical's latest patented Chromea7™technology.

Chromea7™ technology is the new exclusive dye formulation used in Transition ® Signature adaptive lenses, enabling a more responsive activation when triggered under different light conditions.

Transition ® Signature ™ Lenses are also tested with Transitions Optical’s exclusive measurement methodology - the Life360™- that uses a more holistic approach. Instead of using just traditional lab-testing models, Life360™conducts tests in real-life situations to measure real-life performance.

This means your Transition ® Signature ™Lenses will have greater adaptability to different types of lighting and environmental conditions, thus providing a superior vivid vision experience and more comfortable wearing experience. 

So excited to see all the action and details I need to see whether I'm following a basketball game on TV, or witnessing a championship game inside the arena, or watching a football match outdoors, or reading a sports book wherever I am, or writing sports articles under different lighting conditions, or tweeting about sports at any time of the day.  

Because I'm wearing lenses - powered by Chromea7™technology - that are fully clear indoors and at night, blocks 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, provides optimal tint at outdoor conditions, and tested in over 200 real-life conditions, they not only protect or correct my vision, but they enhance the way I see all the sports I want to see, and they enhance the way I see the world. 

Transitions ® Signature ™ Lenses lets me live a Life Well Lit™. I can now see everything we were meant to see in life. I can now see everything we were meant to see in sports. To see every astonishing detail in how athletes win, how teams succeed, and how games are won.

To see the beauty of life in the details. To see the beauty of sports by seeing every piece of action. I get to know more about life and sports because I can see more about life and sports. That’s how Transitions ® Signature ™ Lenses lets me live a Life Well Lit™.

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