Friday, March 6, 2015

Transitions ® Signature ™ Lenses let me live a sports Life Well Lit ™

A big part of my job as a sportscaster is to see the little details that complete the whole story. So when I was inside the arena the other day, I looked around, and I searched for particular moments and scenes that will help tell the story of the game. As I walked around the basketball court, even if only half of the overhead lights were switched on, my Transition ® Signature ™Lenses helped me find these interesting moments and scenes because they provide greater adaptability to different types of lighting and environmental conditions, thus providing a superior vivid vision experience.

And because I'm wearing lenses - powered by Chromea7™ technology - that are fully clear indoors, they enhance the way I see all the sports moments I want to see. These lenses helped me easily spot John Ferriols - the tough player with the most awesome haircut in the league! These lenses are also fully clear at night, block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, provide optimal tint at outdoor conditions, and are tested in over 200 real-life conditions.

Moments later, with my Transitions ® Signature ™ Lenses, I approached the locker room and, despite walking along the unevenly lit tunnel, quickly saw Beau Belga - the rugged enforcer who was wearing that day's cutest pair of socks! Transition ® Signature ™ Lenses feature the most responsive adaptive lenses by Transitions Optical to date, developed from Transitions Optical's latest patented Chromea7™ technology - the new exclusive dye formulation enabling a more responsive activation when triggered under different light conditions.

As a sportscaster, it was great to see the beauty of sports in the details. I didn't just see basketball players getting ready to play a big game. I saw the tough player with the superb awesome haircut. I saw the rugged enforcer with the most adorable pair of socks. I got to know more about the players and their teams because I could see more details about the players and their teams even before all the bright lights are turned on. That's how Transitions ® Signature ™ Lenses let me live a Life Well Lit™. I can now see everything I was meant to see in sports. To see every exciting details in how athletes win, how teams succeed, and how games are won.

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