Thursday, April 7, 2011

Most Lopsided Trade of the Year?

During Alaska's practice, Alaska import LD Williams saw something he really liked. I mean, really liked. LD spotted a striped, snap-back Alaska cap. Not the fitted ones cool kids wear nowadays. This was strictly old-school. And, naturally, it was on Mang Tom's head.

So LD quickly asked Mang Tom what Alaska's long-time team statistician wanted in exchange for the cap. Mang Tom said, "Let's trade. Give me shoes." They shook hands. Deal done. LD got his sick Alaska cap. Mang Tom will get LD's Nike Zoom KDIII All-Star's at the end of the tournament.

Check out the West-Conference-red KDIII All-Star here:

Fair trade? Should Commissioner Salud approve this? What do you think? The shoes are fairly new, inspired by Kevin Durant. The cap is undeniably old. Mang Tom proudly says it's a relic, "Panahon pa ni Sean Chambers yan." MH

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