Friday, April 29, 2011

TNT wants to finish Game 2 in less than 60 minutes.

Talk N' Text needs no decoy. They require no camouflage. Their modus operandi is plain to see: We run. Go ahead and see if you can run with us. Ginebra shouldn't be interested in converting this series into a 100-meter dash. Not with Brumfield. Not with Menk. Not with Yancy. Not with Mamaril. I'm, therefore, eager to see how Ginebra plans to slow-down TNT tonight.

Speed causes byahilo for teams not built to play bilisan-natin-dahil-hahabol-pa-ako-sa-last-full-show-ng-Thor-mamaya pace. Think about it; Game 1 was already over midway through the fourth quarter. Ginebra can go 100-kph in spurts (remember the 3rd period of Game 4 vs Gilas?). But TNT's plan is to finish a whole marathon like it's just a 400-meter race to the championship. Gone in 60 seconds. MH

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