Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Done Fishing. Gone Fishing. Dirk Nowitzki finally catches the big one.

"Fishing, of course, is faith. You have to focus on each cast as if it were the very one that is going to produce the fish of your dreams. In fact, on almost every cast nothing happens. Maintaining faith through blankness repeated hundreds of times is the sport's essential discipline." - Ian Frazier

Honor the winners of the NBA Finals. They worked hard. They battled back from big deficits. They won close games. Go admire what the Mavericks have done. Salute Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd for this long-awaited moment. They kept the faith. And now they're finally champions.

Dallas is done fishing. Miami has gone fishing.

Perhaps in the future, for there are so few sure things in life, LeBron James will get his winner's due. Until then, you just hope he keeps the faith. Maybe someday, adulation, admiration and end-game perfection will not be as elusive. For some, the waiting continues. For others, the waiting is over. And a hard-earned championship seems a just reward. MH

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