Saturday, June 4, 2011

JVee Casio -- Coach Rajko's Little Beast!

Coach Rajko Toroman seems quite protective of his players. Before the Gilas vs Iraq game, I sat beside Coach Rajko and he jokingly asked me, "Why you make comment about JVee's ears but not make comment about Caguioa's haircut?" My reply? I raised my hands, lifted my shoulders and gave Coach Rajko the trademark "Toroman Shrug". (I'm sure I've pointed out Caguioa's mohawk more than once on-the-air).

I remember making a remark about JVee Casio's ears during the Gilas-Ginebra series. Then, I think I pointed them out again during the Gilas-Al Ittihad-KSA game. Coach Rajko heard my remarks while viewing games on DVD and noted it down. If JV is sensitive about the ears, which he probably isn't, he shouldn't be. I believe Coach Rajko is more sensitive about them than JVee is (which, in a way, is good). I honestly believe they work like radar. Which explains why Casio can knock down three point shots, with the game on the line, over 7-footers, with his eyes closed, for pride and country. Swish.

I actually like how Coach Rajko protects his players this way. But in truth, other coaches are now scrambling to find ways to protect their players from JVee -- 22 points, 4/9 3-pts, 7/14 FG, 9 assists vs the giants of Al Jala'a Syria. That Little Monster!!! MH

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