Monday, December 24, 2012

Epic Kobe Bryant Gif vs the Golden State Warriors.

Kobe Bryant had 41 glorious FG attempts vs Golden State yesterday. This had to be the most glorious of them all:

Reminders: Don't try this whoops-slide-dribble-do-not-worry-I-can-still-do-this-fall-away-swish-move at home. And also, don't take 41 FG attempts in a're absolutely sure you can get away with taking 41 FG attempts in a game.

Thanks to Duane Watson, the big man from Toronto, for sharing this. Follow Duane on Twitter -- @sweetswatson. Duane is a contributor for SLAM Magazine and hosts 1-on-1 with Will and Duane on TSN 1050 Radio in Toronto. MH

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