Monday, December 31, 2012

MOA Arena Mop Man = SneakerMVP.

While covering Game 5 of the PBA Semis between TNT and Alaska last night, I noticed something about the MOA Arena Mop Man:

Check out his kicks. Those are Zoom KD V's in the Photo Blue/White/Pink colorway. I was supposed to take a closer photo during halftime but the "MOA Arena Mop Man with the sweet Sneaker Game" was gone.

You know what was even more swag about him: he rocked a Photo Blue belt to match his Photo Blue kicks. Seryoso, I saw it. I'll make sure to look for him again when the PBA Semis resume on January 3. MH

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  1. Maybe he's not just an ordinary mop man. Maybe it's just a test if someone would notice a mop man. Good job you did!


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