Sunday, January 20, 2013

From Kevin Durant to Yancy De Ocampo to Gary David to Batas ni Matias...Ballers invade theFoot Spa!

Okay. So maybe it's a trend I haven't noticed. Maybe the guys don't post twitpics about it as often as they should. Maybe there are more ballers out there who hit Foot/Nail Spa joints more than these 5 players. But these are the 5 I know about. Remember my January 11 blog about Yancy De Ocampo's visit to the Foot/Nail Spa?

That blog prompted the Tip.Top.Toes Nail Spa to send me this Instragram photo to prove that Yancy isn't the only one. It's from Kevin Durant. Yes, the guy who dropped 52 points on the Dallas Mavericks -- That Kevin Durant:

How about the guy who averaged 26 ppg during the 2011-2012 PBA Season? Yeah, El Granada himself, Gary David. Yup. Granada goes to the Foot/Nail Spa too. Carlo Sharma has visual confirmation:

But here's the kicker. ROS enforcer Ronnie Matias is likewise part of the rising trend. Yes. Sir. Ronnie. Matias. Thanks for the pic BNM (Batas ni Matias)!

Conclusion: Ayon sa Batas ni Matias, dapat alaga ang Paa ni Matias.

Yancy. Durant. El Granada. Matias. This is just the beginning. MH

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