Friday, May 10, 2013

New NBA Playoffs Commercial. We Are All Watching: Nate Robinson. VIDEO:

Okay din sana if we were all talking about "The Return" by this time. But I'm not going to judge Derrick Rose. If he feels he isn't ready, then, he isn't ready. Simple as that. In place of "The Return", we have a sort of "The Secret Weapon" I guess. Third string PG Nate Robinson has given the Chicago Bulls, a team with an already solid defensive resume, a jolt of much-needed offense. Along with another surprising secret weapon in Jimmy Butler, Robinson is making big buckets for a team that used to be better at just stopping big buckets. Sa sobrang galing lately ni NateRob, the NBA felt it was necessary to give him his own NBA Playoffs Commercial. We are all watching Nate Robinson because he's giving us exciting reasons to watch. 

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