Friday, May 31, 2013

PBA Head Coach is hooked to Be Careful with My Heart.

During a lengthy conversation last night, a highly-respected PBA Head Coach admitted that he's hooked to the hit TV series Be Careful with my Heart. Unfortunately, I can't reveal the identity of this PBA Head Coach because I promised him I wouldn't (for now haha). But if anyone heard us intensely discuss the possible reasons why Be Careful with my Heart became such a huge success, they'd think we were carefully breaking down the title chances of the Miami Heat. Talagang seryosong usapan.

He also claimed the only reason he got hooked was because people in his house would watch the show during lunch. So napilitan lang daw siya. Sorry Coach. I don't believe you, not even for a second. Eh napanood pa niya yung episode kung kailan tinawag ni Maya na "Babe" si Sir Chief and tuwang-tuwa pa siya. But to hear this always-serious champion coach talk about the developing relationship between Sir Chief and Maya, na parang kinikilig pa, was priceless. Absolutely priceless. MH

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