Thursday, August 29, 2013

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball tribute - Vin Scully's incredible career captured in a minute. VIDEO:

It's easy to admire what Vin Scully has accomplished...or is still accomplishing. 64 seasons and counting as the Voice of the Dodgers. The Los Angeles Dodgers recently announced that Scully is coming back for a 65th season. Sixty five seasons! That's over half a century! You can only last that long if you're one of the very best storytellers who ever lived.

And Scully is the very best.

However, Scully believes in the power of silence. Quite ironic for the man considered to be the greatest sportscaster of all time. In this article he says, "I would much rather hear the crowd than my own voice." Amen. Scully stands for excellence, longevity and humility. He has seen it all. He is in every Hall of Fame there is. He is a living legend. But my favorite Vin Scully quote, I believe, captures his true greatness: "My career is one of about talking the accomplishments of others. I haven't accomplished anything." MH

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