Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich getting to ready to KO opponents next season. PHOTO:

While Kobe Bryant's training himself back into shape like the most admirable madman there is, or diving into a pool, feet first, from over 40 feet (admirable madman talaga), Tim Duncan is busting himself into shape through boxing. So much for taking it easy next season since he's getting old. Duncan went through a boxing workout recently with former WBC World Super Featherweight Champion and IBA World Lightweight Champion Jesse James Leija. According to Leija's official website, he has fought champions like Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley and Arturo Gatti.  

Watch out. Duncan's not the only big name in San Antonio who's jabbing and uppercutting his way into optimum condition. Remember, the NBA is a big boy game. These Spurs are serious! Some are saying the Spurs will finally be too old to compete for the championship next season. Some are saying we've heard that line too many times. I have a feeling the Spurs will be ready to trade punches with anyone next season. Why? Check out Leija's other pupil --- it's Pop!

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