Friday, September 13, 2013

Is Terrence Romeo really bwakaw? By Bacon Austria

Guys, ano ba talaga si Terrence Romeo? Is he a scorer or is he just bwakaw?

Since last year's UAAP tournament, even when he played for Cebuana Lhuiller and Big Chill in the PBA D-League, FEU's Terrence Romeo has been tagged as bwakaw. But I really want to ask, "Is Terrence Romeo really bwakaw?

I asked people on Twitter to name players who are bwakaw. Terrence’s name came up, of course. They also mentioned other guys like Cardona and Silungan. Nico Salva, on the other hand, tweeted, "ako." Nice one...Bro.

Even if people have different opinions on what makes a player bwakaw, they can agree on one crucial requirement for bwakawism: a bwakaw has to yank up a lot of shots. The more the merrier. 

I will admit it. A couple of years back, maybe I thought Terrence was bwakaw. Surely, I wasn't alone in thinking that way. But, the way I look at Terrence has totally changed this year. Yes, iba na. 

I no longer look at Terrence as just bwakaw. I now see him as a scorer, maybe even a super scorer.


Because Terrence can score a barrage of points in heavy traffic. Because when he scores, you nod your head and ask the person next to you, “Paano niya na shoot yun?” He also creates for himself and breaks defenders down with his dribbling skills. I believe every scorer or super scorer, here in the Philippines or in the NBA, is like that. Just like Jordan. Just like Kobe. Relax, I'm not putting Terrence in the same level as Jordan or Kobe. But before Jordan and Kobe were accepted as great players, they had to go through the bwakaw stage. To be a scorer, you have to touch the ball a lot of times, make a lot of moves, and take a lot of shots. 

I hate to say this because I was a team oriented player who didn't care if I scored so long as my team won, but if you really want to make it to the next level, you have to score a lot of points. Syempre there are exceptions. Yet the truth is: your chances of making it to the next level improve if you are a scorer.

Therefore, I believe Terrence Romeo will be in the PBA soon because he is an elite scorer. Most of the PBA players now, even the ones who reinvented themselves into great defenders or role players, were originally scorers. 

People hate on Terrence because he might only make 4 baskets out of 16 or 20 attempts in one game. Then, they love him the next game when he drops 30-plus points. Every player has off days. Sometimes he makes bad decisions. Not everyone loves his game. When he commits a crucial miscue at the end of a close game, people will quickly joke about his being bwakaw on Twitter. 

Again, I also used to think that way. But not anymore. He is clearly a super scorer who has the right to have the ball in his hands when the game is on the line. I have a feeling though, when the day comes, and he makes it to the PBA - and I think he will - Terrence Romeo will have the last laugh. BA

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