Monday, September 30, 2013

Jimmy Alapag, LA Tenorio, Gabe Norwood and Larry Fonacier do the Uniqlo Shukka Roll. VIDEO:

This is why you train like there's no tomorrow for flag and country: so you can wear the Gilas jersey, win a silver medal in the FIBA-Asia Championships, and do the Shukka Roll with the Philippine All-Stars in a Uniqlo social media campaign. I know Jimmy Alapag can dance. I think Gabe Norwood can dance too. I think LA Tenorio tried his best -- 'di bale LA, it's the thought that counts. But I'm sure it took a lot of courage for Larry Fonacier to do the Shukka Roll in front of the camera. This was a clutch dancing performance for Gabe, Jimmy, LA and Larry. Great job guys! MH

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