Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I love you Tony Parker. Forever and always. By Bea Fabregas

We all have our reasons as to why we love the players we love. Reasons can be really shallow. They can also be philosophical. Or the reason can be love. No really, love. This is about a love that has grown separately and entirely on its own apart from my love for my favorite team. This is about a love that has taken a special place in my heart, and nobody else can fill or step into that space of love. 

I love you Tony Parker. Forever and Always.

I was eleven years old the first time I witnessed the San Antonio Spurs win an NBA championship. In 2003. The Spurs beat the New Jersey Nets. After that finals series I was never the same. Yes, it was amazing to see David Robinson retire with a ring. Sure, it was great to see Tim Duncan embrace the responsibility of leading the Spurs. Pero iba yung napansin ko during that finals. I clearly remember my Dad stating, “Haynako si Parker. He doesn’t have what it takes yet to go for the shots that count.”

Sorry Dad. I didn’t care. I knew it was true love. I went through all the typical phases kapag may celebrity/sports crush ka. I researched Tony Parker's whole name, his school, where he was from, his birthday and all that. So whenever I needed to prove my love for him, I had the information I needed. I even computed our age difference just to see if it would be okay if we ended up together, 9 years isn’t so bad right? 

However, hindi kami nagkatuluyan -- obviously -- because in July 7, 2007, Tony married Eva Longoria. I wore black that day because I was in mourning. He was no longer a single man. Then, they had a divorce in 2011. Everyone was mad at him for cheating on her. Look, I wasn’t happy he cheated. I was just happy he was not a married man anymore. Does that sound freaky? 

Despite his mistakes, I just couldn’t find it in my heart to let go of Tony. Mahal ko pa rin siya. Tanggap ko siya. People can change, okay? Anyway, here's the latest: magkakaanak na siya. I heard it's a baby boy. So I’m happy for him. Well, I’m happy NOW. But when I found out he was in a new relationship, medyo gumuho mundo ko. 

But I assure you I’m fine, really I am, like totally fine. Super, sobrang fine talaga.  
Because I love you Tony Parker. Forever and always.

Hay, grabe. I could go on and on and on about my love for Tony. Oh and just so you know: when they call his name before games, I have a happy dance. A happy dance. I also get stressed out now when he tries to do the things he used to do so easily back in his prime. I’m afraid he might sustain a serious injury. If that happens, it will tear me apart. Sprained ankle nga lang concerned na concerned na ako. 

During the off-season, I miss him. Miss na miss ko siya. So I stalk him online. I find out where he goes, what he does pag walang NBA games. I love him that much. I dread the day he decides to retire. Anong mangyayari sa akin kapag hindi ko na siya makikita driving all the way to the basket? Paano na yung buhay ko if can no longer watch his signature tear drop? 

I've accepted the fact that I might never see him play live. However, I know I will meet him. I just know. I frequently ask my friends, “Tony and I will meet one day, right?” 

My love is strong. God listens. God might allow our paths to cross. I do believe in the power of love, and this love is going to lead me straight to him. But what will I do when I meet him? I have pictured and dreamt about that day many, many, many times before. I want to be prepared. I want to be able to carry a conversation with him na hindi ako mukhang baliw. 

I patiently wait for that day. Because this is about a love that has taken a special place in my heart, and nobody else can fill or step into that space of love. 

I love the Spurs.

I love Tony Parker even more. 

Forever and always. BF

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