Friday, January 28, 2011

The Cardona Malu-Feet 1 Sneaker

You've heard of the Vibram Five Finger Running Shoe right? The one with toes. Mukhang paa pero actually sapatos. What if we made one for hoops, designed one for Mac Cardona - a Mac Cardona Player Exlcusive (PE) dubbed "The Malu-Feet 1" or MF1.

MF 1 features classic blue/red racing stripes and Skull and Bones graphic (Cardonang-Cardona right?). The velcro strap pays homage to the iconic basketball shoe of my youth -- the '88 Nike Air Alpha Force. And yung mukhang mga patay na kuko, no those aren't real toe-nails. Those are state-of-the-art air vents. And finally...a Cardona PE is not a Cardona PE if it's not inspired by his long socks.

The feature, though, that will make me a gazillionaire: the MF1 Toe Ziplock. Pag kumati toe mo during a game, just zip open and scratch away. No other basketball shoe has this! Not Nike. Not Adi. Not Li Ning. Mac Cardona will be happy and I'll be a gazillionaire! MH

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