Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reason to Run

Why do I run? Why do I subject myself to sixty minutes of self-inflicted, solitary agony? Because it doesn't feel like punishment. It actually feels like a reward. Tama. It's the prize for putting your shoes on. It's an award for deciding to get off the couch and hitting the road. Punishment is lining up for two hours to submit requirements in a government office. Running, ah, iba naman yun.

Not that I'm any good at it. Yes, I push myself to do it. Yes, I sometimes have to yank myself away from the laptop just to get it done. But there is a promise down the road. There's clear incentive to finish a run.

Plus when you mindlessly finish three small plates of Buddy's Pancit Habhab along with three pieces of extra-large Pandesal (something has to be done about the merienda served during FTW taping during Tuesday afternoons - sarap eh), the reason to run becomes even more evident.

Weather cooperated last night. And after a three-week break, I resumed my training for my 10K run scheduled next month. Flanked by a running group ready to hand me my oxygen mask, I took it slow around Bonifacio High Street. If you saw someone who looked like me crawling near R.O.X., yes that was me. Had a slow and steady run. Managed to complete my customary 60 minutes -- well more like 50-minute run and 10-minute brisk walk.

Still need to work on proper running form. Also need to remember to bring a windbreaker next time - to combat "ambon" or light rainfall or cold January nights.

I put on my shoes. I slipped into my dri-fit shirt. I plugged into my iPod Shuffle. Turned in a modest 6.5K performance as last night's prize. And it felt good. MH

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