Friday, January 7, 2011

If Cabagnot does it one more time, Uwian na!

I'm tempted to wager my eyebrows again. Bakit hindi? Ipupusta ko kilay ko -- if Alex Cabagnot scores back-to-back game winners, one in Game 1 of the Semis vs Ginebra and another in Game 2 Friday night -- I will shave my eyebrows the way Jon Hall did in Survivor. Pero, pero, pero...on the other hand, bakit oo? Am I completely nuts?! I barely survived this wager once. A betting man will tell me not to tempt fate in Game 2.

After all, Cabagnot has scored game-winners against the following defenders; LA Tenorio, Roger Yap and Rudy Hatfield. He has scored game-winners against the following defensive-minded teams: Alaska, B-Meg Derby Ace and Ginebra. You do it once -- pwedeng chamba. You do it twice -- yan ang swerte. But to do it thrice -- aba, aba, nakakarami ka na ah. And I will not lose my eyebrows just because Cabagnot can spell C-L-U-T-C-H in less then 10 seconds.

Meet The Cube

Say hello to an erring referees's worst nightmare. Meet "The Cube". What an upgrade from the old scoreboard to this new one; it's like making the jump from a bulky Trinitron TV set to a sleek, state-of-the-art flatscreen unit.
According to Big Dome officials, they ordered The Cube, custom-built by the way, from the same supplier who made state-of-the-art scoreboards for the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic. And judging by fans' reaction to the new LED scoreboard/wide screen inside the Big Dome, "The Cube" is an instant hit!

If you were watching the games at home last Wednesday, you might have noticed the louder, stronger reaction from fans after contested calls. I'm certain the referees felt the difference too. Fans inside the Big Dome saw each television replay in crisp detail. A referee, therefore, who misses a call by mistake, or a player who fumbles at the worst possible time, will hear it from the crowd for sure. Walang kawala.

Lost and Found Section

Strange how Harvey Carey, a player averaging about 10 FG attempts per game, has been limited to just 11 total FG attempts in the first two games of the Semis. Even his rebounding is slightly down from 13 RPG to 9 RPG -- which is still very good but Carey knows he can do better.

Meantime, Jonas Villanueva is a lost man in the Semis. Villanueva normed 14 PPG and 35 mins in the two Quarterfinal games vs Meralco. In the two Semis games vs TNT, he is shooting a combined 1 out of 11 from the field.

The good news for B-Meg: Nino Canaleta's offense is back. 12 PPG 7 RPG in the Semis. Nice. The bad news: his questionable shot selection and decision-making is still there. Ngek. If he can resist launching ill-advised three pointers down the stretch and simply wait for an open shot with the shot-clock winding down, Canaleta can be a hero in one or two games in the Semis.

Last Shot

Ronald Tubid told NBN Sports Guy and PBA Radio Anchor Snow Badua that "he will show Cabagnot the meaning of defense Filipino style on Friday." Uhm, will Tubid use Eskrima or Yaw-Yan against Cabagnot? Abangan.MH

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