Friday, March 11, 2011

Bobby Joe!

If you have Destiny Cable, you should check out Channel 83 every now and then. They've been showing old-school PBA games this week. Last night, I watched the 1989 All-Filipino Finals between San Miguel and Purefoods. Stars galore. And the late great Joe Cantada was anchoring the game!

What did I notice? Hairstyles were longer than shorts, Asaytono - as early as '89 - was a beast, and names were somehow cooler in the late 80's. You can't beat PONKY ALOLOR. You just can't. And is there any other cooler "double first name combo" than BOBBY JOSE. Made even cooler with shortened name: BOBBY JOE!

The only guy I know na lamang kay Bobby Joe sa multiple-first-name-as-full-name identity: PETER JUNE SIMON. He has three. MH

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