Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paul Artadi is an "Artisan"

There seems to be some confusion over what I said about Air 21 point-guard Paul Artadi during the game between Ginebra and Air 21 last night.

The sequence went like this:

a) Artadi tried to draw a charging foul but referees didn't call it.

b) Then, Ronald Tubid successfully drew a charging foul (which clearly annoyed Artadi).

c) So on the very next play, Artadi, determined to prove to referees that he's also a master of the "pick-up-charge", absorbed a collision and launched himself in the air like a frisbee. Prrrrt. Offensive foul on Ginebra.

So I said on-the-air, "This is why Artadi is an artisan."

My broadcast partner Jason Webb asked, "Ano si Artadi? Artistahin?"

I clarified, "Hindi artistahin or artista. Artisan."

An artisan is a craftsman, a skilled worker. Pwede naman tawaging flopper si Artadi. In many instances, tama sabihin yun. Artadi reacts to minimal contact the way fighters over-react to kicks and punches in "Kung Fu Hustle". Parang artista. Mahirap nga naman tawagan ng offensive foul ang...hangin.

Pero naniniwala din ako na mahirap gawin ang ginagawa ni Artadi. It involves anticipation. It demands athleticsm. It requires acrobatics. Therefore, it is a skill. Hindi basta-basta nagagawa. Hindi basta-basta magagawa ng iba. Pinag-aaralan. Hinahasa. And this makes Artadi an asset on defense. Naiirita, naiilang, nasisira laro ng mga kalaban dahil sa kanya. I've seen this happen many times too.

Which is why, for me, Artadi is an Artisan.

Of course, kung gusto ni Paul sumali sa "Kung Fu Hustle 3 - The Revenge of Kid Lightning", pwedeng-pwede rin. MH

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