Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspired by Fab Five, 90's Green Archer commits Sneaker Suicide.

The Michigan Fab Five: young, brash, unrepentant. In 1991, Michigan had 5 fab freshmen in the starting line-up. And they changed the look of the game. Shorts became baggier, longer. Black shoes were no longer exclusive to neither the Celtics nor Michael Jordan. And Black Socks were no longer reserved for First Communions or weddings.

Syempre umabot ang Fab Five revolution dito sa Pilipinas nung early 90's. Humaba din dito ang shorts. Nag-black socks na rin lahat. La Salle and FEU adopted the Fab Five look better than other UAAP teams. Ki-nareer! One La Salle player, who went on to have a long stint in the PBA, couldn't accept playing in white/purple colorway Air Max CB's while the rest of the team wore black. He grabbed a Pentel Pen marker and committed sneaker suicide. He colored his shoes black. MH

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