Sunday, July 10, 2011

LA Tenorio's Gatorade TVC - "That's Why"

I'm stoked to see a PBA star like LA Tenorio in a polished, ably-produced television commercial. Even more stoked that it's neither for a PBA team nor PBA product. Rather, it's for a sports brand with a solid reputation for making sic sports commercials in the US. Nothing against former UST Growling Tiger turned commercial model Derick Hubalde (in fact, I'm happy to see him build a nice TVC portfolio), but Gatorade TVC's focusing on basketball should feature elite PBA stars.

As such, I hope Gatorade features more PBA stars in future TVC's. But Alaska's LA Tenorio, the team's only true point guard who plays hyper-extended minutes on the floor, is a great first choice for 2011.

Tenorio's Gatorade TVC also tells us several things: 1) LA now has something in common with Michael Jordan b) I now have something in common with LA -- he drinks Gatorade to lead fastbreaks, I drink Gatorade to run my 10K's (especially needed it to rehydrate when I did my 16K in the peak of summer last March and will surely need it when I do my first 21K hopefully in two months) -- and lastly c) Hans Thiele is one very, very sensitive and concerned teammate (check 9-sec mark of TVC). MH

Michael Jordan Gatorade TVC

Derick Hubalde Gatorade TVC - yup, the guy about to shoot on a 25-foot rim is Paolo Hubalde's older brother.

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