Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Dominic Uy is still not on Twitter...

Last night, I was trying to convince PBA sportscaster and notorious technophobic Dominic Uy to finally open a Twitter account. So I asked tweeps if they wanted Dominic to join Twitter. I wanted to show him that such a demand, while hard to believe, exists.

My tweet at 10:50pm:
"Guys, gusto niyo ba mag open ng twitter account si Dominic Uy?:)"

The very first reply from @itsmebryllDLeon at 10:51pm:
"wag nalang! hapi na kami sa iyo. hahaha..joke."

After consoling a teary-eyed Dominic for the next 5 minutes, I showed him the multitude of tweeps who wanted him on Twitter. I recall around 3 people tweeted, "Yes". Thanks to you guys, I think he's ready to tweet. But it won't be easy for him. How can I convince Dominic to embrace Twitter if he's still using this phone:


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