Monday, July 18, 2011

Books: Reading about the legendary news-magazine show 60 Minutes.

Reading "Tick Tick - the long life and turbulent times of 60 Minutes". It's about the legendary US news-magazine show 60 Minutes and its equally legendary Executive Producer Don Hewitt. It's about combustible television. It's about media power-play. It's about news. It's about entertainment. It's about infotainment. It's about vision. It's about self-destruction. It's about an institution.

Got hooked by this paragraph in the prologue:

"This was Hewitt's screening room; these were his hallways, his offices, his editing rooms and telephones. These were the men and women who worked tirelessly, day and night, to execute his vision. Here on the ninth floor of a nondescript office building...he ruled over a show that shook up television - a show that took viewers into private worlds...that opened a window into the minds of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton...for just another few hours, this remains the kingdom of Don Hewitt's creation; he is ruler of all that he surveys."

To know more about the impact of 60 Minutes on journalism and pop-culture, try watching the 1999 Michael Mann (Miami Vice) film "The Insider" (nominated for Oscar Best Picture) starring Academy Award winner Al Pacino and Academy Award winner Russell Crowe. And, read this book. MH

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