Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cabagnot is clutch. We know. by Nikko Ramos

By Nikko Ramos
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Alex Cabagnot saved the day for Petron. Again. In a game where nothing was going their way, Alex came to the rescue. Dondon Hontiveros still could not find his shot. Arwind Santos missed two gimmes in a row and wound up a bloody mess. An injured Eddie Basden managed just 7 points. Air 21’s Zach Graham, on the other hand, was insane with those 3s and finished with 40 points. How bad was this for Petron? Even Jojo Lastimosa, on the AKTV broadcast panel, kept calling them “San Miguel.”

But all was redeemed.

In Alex they trust.

And Alex saves.

Cabaggie, after all, is clutch.

You listen to Drake? Apparently, Cabagnot does. Kanto pundits around the country were talking about how he lost a step. They questioned his playmaking. They asked for JVee in a straight-up trade. Cabagnot played Headlines and tuned them out.

                  “I had someone tell me I fell off, ooh I needed that
                  And they wanna see me pick back up, well where'd I leave it at”

Down one and struggling in a must-win game? Cabagnot stepped up, turned up the volume and took the shot everyone on a talent-laden team wants. Why? Because he believes it’s his shot to make or miss. No questions asked. Why? Because he’s ready to make them. Because he’s not afraid to miss them.

                  “I might be too strung out on compliments
                  Overdose on confidence
                  Started not to give a f*ck and stopped fearing the consequence”

The last play is drawn up for Chris Lutz? The lone bright spot in Petron’s spotty fourth quarter? The most aggressive and effective slasher in the ball game? Screw that. Cabagnot turned off everyone’s iPods and put his music on blast.

“Sorry Chris, rookie ka pa lang” Cabagnot says.

“Okay Kuya” Lutz answers.

You may ask why Lutz, a rookie with the swagger and arrogance of a potential hall-of-famer would let that happen. Why Arwind Santos and Jay Washington, two players robbed of MVP trophies in the past would pass up the highlight. Why Ato Agustin, a tough-as-nails coach, would let a play he drew up be so blatantly scrapped.

It’s not only because of Cabagnot’s collection of last-second heroics. It’s because of his hunger for more. And quite simply, even if there was enough time to pass the leather around, it would still end up with Alex. Petron knows it’s best to put it in Cabagnot’s hands.


Because they know.

    “Those my brothers, I ain't even gotta say it
                  That's just something they know

                  They know, they know, they know
                  They know, they know, they know
                  They know, they know, they know
                  Yeah they know yeah
                  That the real is on the rise
                  F*ck them other guys
                  I even gave them a chance to decide
                  Now it's something they know
                  They know, they know, they know”

Petron knows what, you ask? Well I don’t know, really. And neither do the Petron players. No one does. But we know. When games are on the line, no one knows it better than Alex Cabagnot. NR

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