Thursday, June 28, 2012

Powerade follows Rain or Shine's winning formula: Make your Import eat BALUT!

After Rain or Shine rocketed to a 7-1 record last Saturday, they made their import Jamelle Cornley eat BALUT in Dumaguete. And he loved it.

Watch this TwitVid by Magoo Marjon.

The whole scene was likewise documented by Ryan Arana in this TwitPic:

I suspect Jamelle's been eating balut -- the magical egg of victory -- since day one of the Gov Cup.

Meantime, Powerade (4-4) is preparing for a slugfest against B-MEG (5-3) on Saturday in Legazpi City. The Tigers need to stop their dangerous losing skid. They need to get back to playing high-scoring Powerade basketball. They need to do something drastic.

You know what Powerade did after a recent practice?

Posted by @SeanAnthony10 on Twitter

Yup. They tried to make their import Omar Sneed eat...BALUT!

Si MVP candidate El Granada pa ang nagbabalat nung Balut para sa kanya. Wow.

Cornley eats Balut. Sneed is being asked to eat Balut. Coincidence?

Secret's out. Balut is no longer Fear Factor's Egg of Darkness. Rain or Shine already knows. Powerade is about to find out. The Balut is now the PBA's Magical Egg of Victory! MH

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