Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The LeBron 9 now reminds me of...

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Maybe it's the NBA Championship Ring Effect.

I always thought the LeBron 9 was a gorgeous shoe. I mean, technically, it's absolutely stunning. But since I wasn't a LeBron fan the way I am a Magic Johnson fan, it just didn't carry enough personal emotional value.

But now that LeBron finally has his ring, I'm beginning to look at this shoe a whole lot differently.

You know that girl in college who's pretty and all but for some reason you just didn't find her attractive. Then you all part ways for the summer vacation. She comes back for the new school year looking different. Maybe she started doing yoga during the summer break. Maybe she welcomed the semester with a new haircut. Maybe she's smiling more often. Basta she returned to school with a whole new vibe.

You know you won't look at her the same way again.

That's how I feel right now about the LeBron 9. And one of the most unreasonably committed Kobe fans I know, Magoo Marjon, is starting to feel that way too. It's okay Magoo. Your Kobe VIIs will understand. You won't be cheating on them. Kung gusto mo, sabay pa tayo bumili para hindi ka ma-overwhelm.

LeBron. Finally a champion. What have you done? MH

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