Thursday, July 18, 2013

Frank Golla's message for all the critics - Bo Knows. PHOTO:

After Ateneo lost to UE yesterday, I knew the critics would go hard on the Blue Eagles. Ateneo is starting the season with 1 win and 4 losses. It's the perfect invitation for doubters both from inside and outside the Ateneo area of responsibility. That's the problem when you always win. Losing, regardless of perspective, becomes unacceptable. It's like the curse of dominance. Some fans are irrational to begin with. You show them a 5-peat, their irrationality gets multiplied by 5. Naturally, first year Head Coach Bo Perasol is taking a lot of heat. And it's not for wearing white driving shoes during games. So Ateneo center Frank Golla used his Instagram account to post a very clear and very simple message. He even tagged his teammates. The players trust in each other and in their coach because...#BoKnows. MH

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